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Former NFLer Tony Collins dressed up as a unicorn to surprise his granddaughter on her birthday

After kicking his addiction, the football player was able to turn his life around and now enjoys sweet moments with his family.

Former NFLer Tony Collins dressed up as a unicorn to surprise his granddaughter on her birthday
Image Source: Camifrobabe / TikTok

In an adorable video uploaded to the Reddit forum Made Me Smile, a joyous grandpa can be seen prancing around in a unicorn costume at a backyard party. As it turns out, the grandpa was none other than Tony Collins, the former football player. After Reddit user Lost-Response84 posted the video, it quickly went viral, earning dozens of virtual "awards" from fellow Redditors and, well, making people smile as the forum's name suggests. Previously, Collins was suspended from the NFL after authorities learned he had difficulties with substance abuse. The video, therefore, is testament to how wonderful life can be once the people you love kick their habit.


Text sprawled across the video jokingly reads, "When renting a pony is too expensive so you dress grandpa up as a unicorn instead." In the opening clip, the former footballer is seen smiling at the camera as he "rides" the unicorn. He even has on a pink party hat. In subsequent clips, Collins surprises his granddaughter and all her birthday party guests, who promptly begin to chase after him. (Of course, he gallops away as fast as he can on his noble—and mythical—steed.) In one shot from the video, he even holds his granddaughter up so she can take a ride on the unicorn as well.


If anything, Collins appeared to be enjoying himself just as much, if not more, than the children at the party. One Reddit user acknowledged this, commenting, "I bet he's loving it more than his grandchildren." In response, a fellow Redditor who is a grandfather himself, stated, "As a grandpa to some wonderful kids about the same ages, I can attest to how much joy this is bringing him. Few things in life compare to the privilege of being given that role." Indeed, grandparents are some of the greatest blessings a young child can have.


Other users on the platform shared their own experiences. "He's enjoying it more than the kids, for sure!" One Redditor wrote. "I also enjoyed doing something like this for my daughter's birthday party (just a regular pony rather than a unicorn!) and it was a real highlight. Kids don't need big, fancy things to be impressed, which was so great for a poor, single dad like myself—my daughter and her friends were giggling throughout the day trying to catch me." Several folks agreed with the sentiment. One individual noted, "I think those times that you've been spent with your family and loved ones [are] the most precious things and memories you could ever have. It's not all about things in this world, but the bonding moment."


Finally, one die-hard Collins fan pointed out: "He turned his life around, and now he’s just trying to be the most for his family. I wonder if we can borrow him as our granddad. Aaaand to add to his grandfather points... He also dresses up as Santa." Now that is what we call a committed, wholesome family man.

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