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Forever First Lady Michelle Obama Is Most Admired Woman In The World, Reveals International Poll

The former First Lady ranked first in a poll conducted by data analysis firm YouGov, making her the most admired woman in the entire world.

Forever First Lady Michelle Obama Is Most Admired Woman In The World, Reveals International Poll

If we start listing the qualities that make Michelle Obama one of the finest First Ladies America has seen, you and I will be here for a very long time. Everything from her humble and down-to-earth nature to relatable quirks that make us say, "OMG, same!", the mother-of-two won over countless hearts both within and outside the nation during her time in the White House. Even 2 years since stepping down from her official duties, the respect and adoration people have for Michelle haven't waned. In fact, it might be growing with every passing day as according to a new poll conducted by data analysis firm YouGov, the 55-year-old is the most admired woman in the entire world.


The former First Lady is followed by Oprah Winfrey in second place and Angelina Jolie in third, a fall from her previous first position on the world's most admired women list. Even Michelle's critics would have to agree that her being ranked first is a well-deserved honor. The Obama matriarch has spent a majority of her time since leaving the White House, working on empowering young girls with no or limited access to education, co-ordinating a star-studded effort to get more Americans to vote, publishing her super successful memoir Becoming, and embarking on an equally successful international book tour.


While Michelle's post-White House career has propelled her into rockstar status, former President Barack Obama isn't that far behind in terms of international admiration. The 58-year-old ranked second in the world's most admired men list, only falling behind billionaire techie and humanitarian Bill Gates, who's held the first position every year the survey has been conducted. The Obamas continue to be the dream team we came to love through their eight years as the First Couple of America and even though they've left Capitol Hill, their list of ambitious projects has added several titles in the time since.


Bagging exclusive deals with giants like Netflix and Spotify, the power couple has a lot on their plate right now. However, in a manner that only they can, Michelle and Obama set new goals every single day, both on a personal level and in terms of their relationship. In comparison, President Donald Trump came in 14th in the list, behind businessmen Jack Ma and Warren Buffet, soccer players Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, and world leaders Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Source: YouGov

The former businessman did, however, rank above Pope Francis, who came in at 15th place. Meanwhile, current First Lady Melania Trump also made an appearance on the list. According to the poll which collected open-minded nominations from panelists across 41 participating countries, Melania is the 19th most admired woman in the world. Seeing how she's had a largely forgettable tenure in the White House so far, perhaps it's her ability to tolerate a racist, sexist, dim, and downright odd husband like Trump, that's earned her a spot on the list. If so, she absolutely deserves it.


When it comes to a national level though, President Trumps ranks behind his predecessor in terms of how much American's admire him. So does, his wife, as our favorite First Couple Michelle and Barack have respectively topped the women's and men's list of America's most admired. Trump came in second while Melania ranked 3rd, with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg coming in 2nd position. It's also worth noting that 2 Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden, have found spots on the list. Perhaps this is a positive sign for the Democratic party with the 2020 Presidential election looming ever so close.


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