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Food delivery workers open up on strangest interactions they've had with customers

In one case, a customer ordered 24 jars of vanilla frosting and then a week later, he asked for an additional 20 jars.

Food delivery workers open up on strangest interactions they've had with customers
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Being a food delivery worker can be incredibly taxing. Having to deliver food on time through maddening traffic is no easy feat and not to mention the poor wages. Also, there's no telling what your customer's going to be like. Food delivery employees have more weird customer interactions per week than you can count. One Reddit user asked food delivery workers to share their stories and they obliged. User Vactanos asked, "To the Grubhub, Doordash, or any other food delivery employees, what is the strangest scenario you have had with an order?"

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Here are some of the most interesting replies we came across:

1. Ordering from two pizza places

I used to deliver pizzas, and one time I arrived at a house at the same time as a driver from another pizza place. We looked at each other confused for a sec before we went to the door. Turns out they had some people over and one of the people there really liked one restaurant over the other, so much so that they ordered a separate pizza. u/rnilblog

Had that happen to me too, except it was 3 different companies. The customers made bets on who would make it there first, it was pretty funny. They tipped all of us well. I was the first on scene. u/HarveyMushman72

2. Food's here bitch!

A guy I worked with had a delivery where the customer said to knock on the door and say “Food’s here bitch” or no tip. u/darkknight941

3. Easiest delivery

I once had the person I was delivering to meet me in the restaurant's parking lot. This was the very early stages of Covid, so indoor dining was banned and it was also a very popular restaurant so the line was long as shit. I made $13 off a really easy delivery, so I'm not complaining. u/_nicktheinfamous_

4. Arguing couple

I was delivering to a couple two pizzas, and they were arguing like crazy. Throwing sh*t crazy. As per covid rules for my job, I stepped back and watched the man grab the pizza and drop a rather large wad of cash on the pizza bag. He shut the door pretty quick and while I grabbed the bag and the cash, a plate crashed on the door with the lady screaming "That's the kinda sh*t I'm talking bout!" Bro, I ran. u/vermilionLily

5. Snow White wants her pizza

A grown man who insisted that I refer to him as “Snow White”. He tipped pretty good though. I’d take the money and say “thanks Snow White” and get back in my car. u/Rossi-5

6. Rapunzel reeling in her pizza

I used to deliver for Dominos and was delivering at night through freezing rain, so it was very slick. I get to this one house with a steep driveway way with no way I could drive up. I tried multiple ways to walk up the driveway and even on the grass but would only make it a few feet. So I call the customer and explain the issue and they come out with a rope and I tie the pizza bag to it. So they pull it up the driveway take the pizza and put the cash in the bag with a nice tip. u/crutchlen1

7. BBQ ribs,  4 naked people, and an orgy

One time during the early days of the Pandemic I got an order for like a ton of BBQ ribs from some newly opened restaurant in Atlanta. I got all this food drove out to some random upscale Hilton Hotel off the beaten path. After a ton of back and forth with the concierge, he finally directed me to the correct room. I finally reach it only to be met at the door by 2 naked folks and another 2 more “waiting” on the bed in the hotel room. I’m not saying those BBQ Ribs were gonna be used in that orgy I interrupted but I can’t definitively say there wasn’t a connection. u/MagenCarta

8. Kids set the yard on fire

I had a delivery to a mansion of a house, when I get there nobody answers the door or answers the phone number listed. As I'm about to give up and go back to the store three 10-12-year-old kids run up saying they ordered the pizza and their parents were out of town. While the parents were away they taught themselves how to make homemade smoke bombs which they used to inadvertently set their backyard on fire. I grabbed their hose and started putting out the fire, they didn't want to call the fire dept in fear of getting in trouble but I made them do it. By the time the firetruck pulled up, I had taken care of the flames and the kids emptied all 3 of their pockets into my hands for about a $40 tip. u/nickfitz79

9. I'll have 33 oranges, thank you

My boyfriend and I used to do grocery delivery. One time I had a woman order 33 oranges. Another time, he had someone order 24 jars of vanilla frosting. The store didn’t even have enough vanilla frosting in stock to complete the order. Then one week later, we saw that the same man placed another order for 20 more jars of. u/happilyeveremma

10. $23.50 delivery for a $3 cigar

I worked for a delivery company about 6 years ago.. I got an order for a single cigar. The total cost of the goods was about $3. Delivery fee $13.50 (he lived way the hell out in the boonies.) He also tipped me like $10. Turns out he was drunk and the "delivery fee is less than a DUI." u/AtG68

11. A puppy party

I delivered a proper stack of pizzas to a really nice house in a very wealthy neighborhood where I was greeted by a classic mid 50's suburbanite guy. I had like 50lbs of pizzas and he' was just vibrating with excitement like a little kid asking me if I wanted to see something amazing in his basement where the pizzas were going anyway. Yeah, it sounds like a lot of red flag, but from his vibe and the amount of pizza he'd ordered, I figured he was having some kind of game night with his buddies and was eager to show off his layout, entertainment system, bar, etc... When you're working for tips sometimes an "oooh" or an "aaah" at a car or in-home luxury you don't care about is worth an extra $10. So I followed him into his huge house, preparing myself to express amazement at his whatever.


We get down to the basement and it was a puppy party. A true and actual puppy party, some sort of adoption event he'd set up for his kid's b'day. Exactly as I'd expected, there was a classic rich guy basement with a full bar and pool table and wall-sized entertainment center, and huge sectional couch and recliners. What I didn't expect was a gaggle of 8th-grade girls playing with DOZENS of puppies being supervised by handlers. Every kind of puppy I could imagine. I set the pizzas down on the bar and just sat on the floor and squealed and giggled while puppies tried to eat the smell of pizza off of me, succeeding only in devouring my heart through my face. After a few minutes, I stood up all teary-eyed and flushed with happiness and the guy just grinned his understanding at me, gave me an envelope of cash, and sent me on my way. The hit of oxytocin and seratonin from those puppies still warms me years later... F*ckin puppy party, man. My life is fuller knowing that can even happen. u/Manicexpressive

12.  Hey little fella, can you get yer dad?

Sorta delivery. I dropped off porta-potties for a while. I pulled up to some farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere, it was early morning and still dark. I knocked on the door in the unlit entryway and a chubby little toddler answered the door rubbing his eyes. I said, "hey, little fella, can you get yer dad?" He responded in a grown-ass man voice "I'm a fuckin midget jackass. Gimme the damned bill and drop off the shitters."

13. Meow

Oh god, I just probably gave a delivery driver a story of their own tonight when they called me to clarify directions. Their number was the same area code as a spam call I got the other day that I answered and actually had a human on it and not a robot. So I assumed it was them again and I answered the call and just said “meow” instead of hi. Then they asked for me by name (like the last spam call did) and I just kept saying “meow meow” every time he asked me something until he was like, “ma’am, this is your postmates driver” and then I died from embarrassment. u/QueenAndrea


14. High on life

Already a pizza on the porch. I was delivering Coldstone. It was a Sunday at 2 pm. The guy opens the door. The essence of weed hits me strongly. His eyes were blood-shot. Classic rock on the radio. A guy in a plush robe. A girl dancing in the middle of the room. He said thank you. I picked up the pizza for him. He giggled. And I turned around laughing. Man was high on life and I was jealous of him in that moment. u/kyrokip

15. Keep the change

I was sent to this house with an order of a steak hibachi and a couple of sushi rolls that added up to something like $19.60. In the doorway stood a chubby kid, about 9 or 10 years old that reminded me a lot of the kid from Bad Santa, but without the curly hair. I tell him the total as I pass off his food. He hands me a $20 bill and with a straight face he smugly says, "Keep the change, pal." Immediately after, he closes the door and I stood there for a second trying to process what just happened. When I got back to my car I noticed the time and realized it was way too early for that kid to be home from school. I couldn't help but laugh at the whole situation. I wasn't even mad at getting a 40 cent tip because this kid probably faked being sick so he could stay from school and was probably in there watching TV or playing video games while eating sushi and feeling like a big shot. I know I would've at that age. u/-edgar-

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