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Foo Fighters troll Westboro Baptist Church again, this time with the disco message of love

Dave Grohl, the lead singer of the band, told the protesters to dance more and asked them spread love.

Foo Fighters troll Westboro Baptist Church again, this time with the disco message of love
Image source: YouTube/Foo Fighters

When members of the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church protested a concert of the rock band Foo Fighters, they were in for a surprise. As members of the group held homophobic signs and placards filled with hate, the Foo Fighters rolled up on a flatbed truck with their instruments and mics, dressed in the attire of their Bee Gees tribute band, the Dee Gees. They then busted out tunes calling for unity, singing that God loves everyone—in contradiction with the church's belief that God hates gay people. The Westboro Baptist Church is a hate group known for its homophobia and antisemitism, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Lead singer Dave Grohl sang and asked the group of protesters, "Can’t you just love everybody? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?”





The Westboro Baptist Church has also been denounced by conservative Christians, reported God.DailyDot. The video of the Foo Fighters trolling the hate group has gone viral on the internet. It's also not the first time Westboro Baptist Church has protested a performance by the Foo Fighters. Some of the banners at the protest read: "God hates Pride," "Free will is a satanic lie," "No peace for the wicked," and "God is your enemy" among others. The video shows the Foo Fighters putting on their disguise and then getting onto the truck. 





As the truck rolls up the area of protest, the members of the hate group can be seen grooving to the music, unaware that it's the Foo Fighters. A woman in a red shirt, holding the sign "GOD HATES PRIDE," couldn't help but groove to the music. Slowly, they realize it's Dave Grohl, who announces. "I love all of you." As he continues, they urge him to keep moving, hurling insults at him but Grohl doesn't stop. “Can’t you just love everybody?” Grohl asks the people standing with hate signs. “Because I think it’s about love. That’s what I think. I think we’re all about love. And you shouldn’t be hating. You know what y’all should be doing? You should be dancing!” 





The Foo Fighters/Dee Gees then busts out Bee Gees’ "You Should Be Dancing," with the band dancing on the flatbed truck. As the truck slowly starts to move, Grohl points to one of the members at the protest and says, “I saw your mama dancing! She was dancing.” He tells them one more time to dance and not hate, before driving away to the scene of the actual concert. 



The Westboro Baptist Church is also known for its Islamophobia and antisemitism. "The Topeka, Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is a small virulently homophobic, anti-Semitic hate group that regularly stages protests around the country, often several times a week. The group pickets institutions and individuals they think support homosexuality or otherwise subvert what they believe is God’s law," reads a report by ADL on the church. The hate groups website name itself is homophobic. Their logo reads: "Repent or Perish." It's not the first time the Foo Fighters have trolled the hate group. The groups had protested outside one of their concerts in 2011. The band members, donning a country music persona, bust out of a single bathroom stall before getting onto a similar flatbed truck setup and singing "Keepin’ It Clean" for the protesters.


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