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Flyer with a heartbreaking request in Taekwondo studio inspires a mother to save another mom's life

A Georgia woman was so touched by the request made by a mom of two that she instantly felt the urge to save her life.

Flyer with a heartbreaking request in Taekwondo studio inspires a mother to save another mom's life
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Amanda Hayhurst

There are some kind-hearted souls present in the world who don't shy away from helping strangers in dire need. Five years ago, one such heartwarming story unfolded in Georgia where one mom who was so deeply moved by another mom's request for a kidney transplant decided to offer a life-saving aid. Atlanta-based writer Amanda Hayhurst, also a mom to two boys, saw a flyer in her son's Taekwondo studio, Atlanta Choong-Sil School, and it inspired her to become a kidney donor, reported Fox 5 Atlanta.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jack Sparrow
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jack Sparrow

When 32-year-old Hayhurst was waiting for her 8-year-old son to finish his Taekwondo practice, her youngest got a little bit fussy. So, the mom took her baby to the side of the room where she found the flyer saying, "Our Mom Needs A Kidney," that 50-year-old Vonchelle Webb Knight and her two daughters posted. It was one of the hundreds of flyers that Knight had posted around her county as she was desperately looking for a kidney donor. In 2018, Knight had been on the waitlist for a transplant for nearly 8 years and kept on updating people about her situation on social media and through posters every year. Finally, in December 2018, she found a ray of hope in Hayhurst, who came forward to donate her kidney.


"It's almost like I knew I was going to be a match before I finished reading," Hayhurst told the news channel. She added, "This feeling was so overwhelming. My body felt tingly. And I saw it happening, I saw me going through with it." As her first step in the journey of becoming a donor, Hayhurst contacted the Piedmont Transplant Center and started the medical testing processes. When the hospital cleared Hayhurst to be Knight's donor on December 12, she decided to meet her in person. The moment when she broke the happy news to Knight, it turned out to be absolutely wholesome. 


Knight's daughter escorted Hayhurst into their home and when the woman expressed her willingness to donate her kidney, Knight broke into tears. The two moms hugged each other, savoring one of the most important moments in their lives. Ever since that meeting, they have been speaking on the phone every day and building their friendship. On January 25, 2019, the Knight underwent her kidney transplant surgery, which ended successfully. Hayhurst recovered soon from her donation. However, Knight had a few complications post-surgery that made her transplant fail. 


Two years ago, Knight updated on Facebook that she was blessed with another successful transplant in 2020. But the friendship between the two moms still goes strong even after six years. They even celebrate the day when Knight received Hayhurst's kidney. "Vonchelle is now one of my cherished friends and we love meeting with our families every year to celebrate our kidney anniversary," wrote Hayhurst in her Facebook post. The mom of two boys has now established a non-profit organization, "Find A Kidney Donor," that helps others find a life-saving kidney donor and brings awareness to living kidney donation.


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