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Flower men's 'childish' entrance at 'child-free wedding' has the groom and guests in stitches

The flower men 'understood the assignment' and nailed it!

Flower men's 'childish' entrance at 'child-free wedding' has the groom and guests in stitches
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @jarred.mcgriff

Every wedding is incomplete without a crazy or dramatic entry. In this wedding ceremony, something crazy happened too, courtesy of the "flower men." The title of the video reads, "What an entrance!" In a video shared by groom Joseph McShan, who goes by @mr.mcshan on Instagram, we can see him trying to control his laughter and hide his face as his friends make a grand entry as flower men. It was a "child-free" wedding so they did their best to add "childish" elements to it.  The minister holds on for quite some time as he witnesses the scene but then cracks a smile as well. "Oh no! Oh my goodness," the minister says, smiling. 

Image Source: Instagram | @jarred.mcgriff
Image Source: Instagram | @jarred.mcgriff

The camera then pans to the two flower men, Jarred McGriff and Durweezy, wearing bags filled with flower petals and vibing to the music as they throw it in style. They throw petals while dancing to "Leave The Door Open" by Bruno Mars. The crowd doesn't stop cheering and laughing. They animatedly throw the rest of their flowers as they reach the altar. Finally, they reach where the laughing groom and hug him before going away. The video's caption read, "When the wedding is childfree, but the wedding Party is Childish. @jarred.mcgriff and @durweezy will be accepting flower man roles all summer."

Image Source: Instagram | @jarred.mcgriff
Image Source: Instagram | @jarred.mcgriff

People appreciated the dedication shown by the two men towards their duty. @soranya.joseph wrote, "I love when people commit to their roles. These are the type of dudes that, if given the opportunity to be God-dads, will show up to the Christening dressed as Michael and Vito Corleone from The Godfather. Lol!" @worldwideweez remarked, "You all better be adding Razzle Dazzle to folks' special days!!! We're not gonna use the zodiac for this. This was just great personality!" @gypsyree revealed, "Oh my god. I laughed so hard. Thank you for making this moment so special and funny for my Brother and my new Sis, his wife. I loved it!"

Image Source: Instagram | @stylefia
Image Source: Instagram | @stylefia
Image Source: Instagram | @vlery_13th
Image Source: Instagram | @vlery_13th

@shanna.l.woods expressed, "Everyone bow your heads. Heavenly Father, we come to you as humbly as we know how. Thank you for silly humans such as these." @ayanna.aesthetic pointed out, "10s across the board. the caption, the flower men + the videographer." @mytyso023 added, "Best flower men entrance!"

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Fun weddings are all about making traditions more inclusive. In another similar story, a bride appointed her two brothers as flower men. As the groom had already selected his groomsmen, the woman thought it would be fun to include her brothers in her wedding. In the Reddit video, we can see the woman appointed "Flower Bros" instead of the usual "Flower Girl." It was a big hit as everyone readily took out their phones to capture the entry. The brothers entered with a fanny pack filled with flower petals and threw them while dancing to Bruno Mars's "Leave The Door Open." Their fanny packs had "Flower Bro" written on them, making their entry even more unique.

People clapped for the two brothers as they finally reached the stage, praising their entry. u/Kirkuchiyo commented, "If I ever got married again (unlikely since I am currently happily married), I'd hire these guys, that's an awesome take on flower delivery!" u/_driftwood_ said, "I've been seeing this a lot lately! At the last wedding, a bride had her brothers as bridesmaids- one was even the maid of honor! I love seeing it!" 

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