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Florida woman claims she has reasons to be racist after spewing n-word filled rant at two Black men

"We have a very long way to go," said one of the victims. "We have not come as far as we claim. We have a long way to go."

Florida woman claims she has reasons to be racist after spewing n-word filled rant at two Black men
Cover Image Source: Twitter/BillyCorben

Trigger Warning: This story contains details of racism, racial slurs, and verbal assault that readers may find disturbing 

A Florida woman left Twitter disgusted this week after a video of her unleashing a racist rant against two Black deliverymen went viral. Gina Brashear of Lee County, Florida, was caught spewing an n-word filled tirade against Will Osley and Melvin Finley of OF Logistics on Saturday for parking their truck on the road in front of her house. The men were reportedly unloading sheet metal for a job at a house on the same road when Brashear starting yelling at them and unabashedly using racist language. She was caught on camera by the neighbor who was having the sheet metal delivered to their house.


"Me and him are on the back of the truck. We're still working. We're still unloading the sheets of metal onto the pallet," Finley told NBC-2. "We start hearing this commotion on the other side of the truck just getting louder and louder and more intense." In a 911 audio recording obtained by ABC7, a neighbor — who wished to remain anonymous while speaking to reporters — can be heard describing the incident to the police. "I have people helping me here and she's calling them the n-word," they told the dispatcher.


"I didn't know she wanted the truck moved. She just started yelling at me about my fence and how I don't have a permit for it. The guys who are helping me, she calls them the n-word a bunch of times," they added. With the video of her tirade going viral online, Brashear faced severe backlash from netizens. However, she showed absolutely no remorse while speaking to NBC-2's Gage Goulding about the incident. In fact, she openly admitted to being racist and claimed that her using the n-word six times in 30 seconds was no big deal.


"It doesn't matter if I said it 100 times in 30 seconds," said Brashear. "There's nothing illegal about saying it." When asked if she believes "it is okay to use that derogatory word," she said: "Absolutely. Do I have reasons to be racist? Absolutely I do." Dismissing the internet's reaction to her rant, she added: "The one you need to get straight coming from me, I don't care who's upset. I don't care that I'm called a racist." While the fallout from her unabashedly racist behavior might not affect Brashear personally, it has already left its mark on her Fort Myers vet clinic, Affordable Animal Care Clinic.


The clinic has been showered with negative reviews on Yelp and similar platforms in the days since the disturbing incident. "Does this veterinary office only take white dogs and cats? Do the brown and black ones get called racist names and get thrown out into the street?  Contrary to the owner's belief, she has no reason to be racist. She's obviously a white supremacist who thinks the color of her skin makes her above anyone else.  If she is this callous with human beings, just imagine what she's doing to your pets," reads a review by Yelp user Brian.


Brashear's clinic has since closed. However, her racist beliefs remain unshaken. "Did I hide my racism at my business? As a professional? Guess what, you have to not show those sides when you own a business," she said. "To finally get someone to come out and go 'I'm a racist. I'm sorry for what I did.' That will never come out of my mouth. Ever. Never." Meanwhile, Osley and Finley said that they have never experienced such extreme racism before. "I've been insulted before. It's nothing new to me, but this time around it's a little, I don't know, it just feels a little different," said Finley. "I have a 7-year-old son and I dread the day that he would have to go through anything similar to what I have had to go through."


"It's 2021 man, I don't, I don't even know," added Osley. "We have a very long way to go," Finley noted. "We have not come as far as we claim. We have a long way to go."

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