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Flight attendant hilariously roasts passengers during safety announcement turned improv comedy show

'You cannot smoke on board, but don't worry. If y'all need to smoke, step out on the wing – if you can light it, we'll let you smoke it,' she said.

Flight attendant hilariously roasts passengers during safety announcement turned improv comedy show
Cover Image Source: TikTok | borderflight1406

Not every safety briefing and flight instructions announcement is boring, unhelpful and uninteresting. This flight attendant from "Spirit Airlines" made sure everyone laughed enough, felt personally attacked and left the flight in high spirits. A slightly blurry video clip of her hilarious flight routine was shared by borderflight1406 on TikTok and received more than a million likes. The flight attendant starts her announcement by testing how many people onboard paid attention to the safety announcements.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen, let's see who was paying attention," she begins. "Go ahead and point to where that oxygen mask is coming from. That's awesome, three of you are going to get oxygen. The rest of you, when you're done screaming, I need you to let go of your neighbor and grab that mask." 

Image Source: TikTok | borderflight1406
Image Source: TikTok | borderflight1406

"You're going to place it over your nose and mouth," she continues. "You're going to look at each other and you're going to say F left. No, you're going to breathe normally. 'Normal breathing in an emergency.' Who writes this stuff? You're going to breathe as normally as you possibly can. They want you to assist yourself first and then a child traveling with you. Ladies, listen to me. A child traveling with you. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Do you hear me? If you have more than one of these 'child' traveling with you, assess your situation. Who's it going to be? No, you can't help everybody but ya'll are going to have to decide. I mean pick your favorite. You know you've got one. You probably don't want to tell them but children, you did not do your homework last week. I don't think you're going to get a mask. Not a good thing."

People were heard bursting into laughter at this ruthless roast even as the flight attendant carried on with their amusing announcement. 

Image Source: TikTok | borderflight1406
Image Source: TikTok | borderflight1406

She reminds people that they're in an aircraft and not a cruise ship—which is why it flies in the air and doesn't travel on water—and notes that she would have worn a bathing suit if it was one. "But if it happens, where is the life vest? Underneath the seat in front of you," she states. Talking about breaking rules, she says, "You cannot smoke on board but if ya'll need to smoke, step out on the wing. If you can light it, we'll let you smoke it. We're very accommodating. (While this happens) The rest of you are going to get something for free. The minute they step out- in-flight movie: 'Gone With the Wind.'"

Addressing the blue call button that calls the attendant to a passenger's seat, she says, "Look at the time. Don't touch that button. You do not need me. Ya'll need to just go night termite and when we land in Vegas, I'll let you know. I will not let you miss it. Almost three hours. Go to sleep. Whatever hand you use, to push that button, you better have a credit card in the other hand." 

Image Source: TikTok | borderflight1406
Image Source: TikTok | borderflight1406

She adds, "Now you can't break anything on this plane okay? Don't disable anything. Let's face it. If you could pay for something you broke on this baby, ya'll could fly 'Delta' first class. You wouldn't be here. We will serve you until we are on final descendants of Vegas so do whatever you need to do. I will leave the lights off for those of you who don't want to party and want to sleep on a Vegas flight. Good luck with that. Welcome aboard." The travelers applauded her session of high comedy. "This flight attendant deserves a raise. She calmed nerves using humor," wrote @Blondebombshell1120. "She loves her job and makes it enjoyable for everyone... I need that when I fly 'cause I'm a nervous wreck lol," added @erica mh. This woman wasn't the first one to be successfully hilarious as a flight attendant.

In another instance, a JetBlue Airways flight attendant’s theatrical take on a safety demonstration also had people in stitches. He apparently "made every second of the flight great." Another time, a flight attendant delivered the safety brief with exaggerated hand gestures and even short storylines. For instance, he struggled to fasten the seat belt and yanked the oxygen mask down like a madman before pinging himself with the mask's elastic "by mistake." Flight attendants seem to get more creative each time we travel. What better way to take off? 

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