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Flight attendant meets her idol Regina Hall and their interaction was all kinds of wholesome

This flight attendant met the celebrity who defined her chilhood, young adulthood and adulthood, Regina Hall, and she could not have been happier.

Flight attendant meets her idol Regina Hall and their interaction was all kinds of wholesome
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @jasminebeflying

As children, we all had favorite cartoon characters and TV show personalities. Regina Hall is one such name. She has won our hearts with her performance as Brenda Meeks in the "Scary Movie" film series, where she showcased her comedic talent. She has also appeared in other comedy films such as "Think Like a Man," "Girls Trip" and "About Last Night." Moreover, she has showcased her versatility as an actress in various genres by appearing in drama films like "Love & Basketball" and "Paid in Full." Additionally, she had a recurring role on the medical drama series, "Grey's Anatomy" and has appeared in shows like "Law & Order: LA" and "Ally McBeal."

Image Source: TikTok | @jasminebeflying
Image Source: TikTok | @jasminebeflying

Recently, she made the day of a flight attendant who met her by chance on a flight. The flight attendant, Jasmine (@jasminebeflying), uploaded the video of their encounter on TikTok where it won the hearts of many. In the video, the flight attendant is filled with joy and says, "Okay, first of all, I'm so grateful that God has blessed me with a job where I meet people of my dreams. Like, this woman is my childhood, this woman is my young adulthood. This one is my adulthood. You have no idea, I'm so blessed to meet you. I love you so much. I love you. Thank you." We can also see Hall in the video, who looks happy for her fan and is even touched by her compliments.

The caption of this post read, "I CANNOT BELIEVE I MET REGINA HALL! I am so blessed beyond measure." The video captured the hearts of many and garnered 609.3K views, 114.5K likes and 2,552 comments on TikTok. @doyoureallycare13 wrote, "Regina Hall is naturally funny. If I met her I know I will be on the floor rolling." @A_Trucker's_Mind_Podcast commented, "You still kept it pretty professional. You didn’t unravel like a lot of people lol." @tcstlou shared, "You're aabout to make me cry. Regina and Taraji are friends in my head. They seem so down to earth and real!"

Image Source: TikTok | @jasminebeflying
Image Source: TikTok | @jasminebeflying

The video was also uploaded on Twitter by @PopCrave with the caption: "Flight attendant goes viral on TikTok after meeting Regina Hall on the job." It quickly gained thousands of likes and several retweets. @ContentForAll commented, "Amazing! She’s radiating! For a second, I thought she knew she was going to meet her but didn’t know she was already behind her, ha." @K wrote, "I would’ve cried omg. I love Regina so much." 


As for meeting celebrities on planes, in another story, in a video uploaded by Rainn Wilson, he can be seen shaking his head a little before turning the camera to show the gentleman sitting to his left on a plane, eating and watching an episode of "The Office." The man obviously did not know that one of the lead actors in the show was sitting right next to him. Wilson continues to record this moment until the camera faces him again and he just bulges his eyes wide at the hilarious situation.


The star filmed himself in what appears to be the business class section of a domestic Delta flight, wearing a blue medical mask and a hat, reports PEOPLE. Also, he was not wearing any glasses at the time— a key attribute of his character from "The Office." In the text overlay on the video Wilson wrote, "When the person sitting next to you has no idea who you are..." No doubt, a flight journey can be full of pleasant surprises!

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