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Flight attendant goes viral with his sassy safety announcements

'This sassy flight attendant is going viral for his tongue-in-cheek safety instructions while his plane was stuck on the tarmac due to delays.'

Flight attendant goes viral with his sassy safety announcements
Cover Image Source: Close-up portrait of young confident man flight attendant in business uniform demonstrating how fostering passenger seatbelt (Getty Images / Svitlana Hulko)

If you travel frequently, you are probably aware of how monotonous it may occasionally be. When the flight attendants demonstrate the safety procedures to you, you or anybody pay them attention. It's either you are looking at your phone or closing your eyes, hoping the pilot reaches your destination more quickly. However, in an attempt to add some levity to this humdrum routine of boarding a plane, this flight attendant has gone viral for his sassy and witty take on safety instructions. All the passengers were captivated by his hilarious and snarky remarks about fake Gucci bags and it couldn't get any funnier than this!

The video, which has garnered over 76K likes on Instagram, begins with the flight attendant talking about passengers traveling with children or more importantly, why they are traveling with children in the first place. The attendant quipped: “If you’re traveling with children or anyone that’s acting like one, make sure you put your own mask first. And if you’re traveling with more than one child, first of all, why, sweetie? We’re going to Puerto Rico.” He said that the flight would take around 3 hours and 36 minutes to land in Puerto Rico, adding that they might reach sooner because the pilots were lucky enough to be trained by "desperate Puerto Rican women." I mean, if that's the case, then that better be the fastest plane to ever fly to Puerto Rico.



The flight attendant left no opportunity to roast all the passengers. He said, adding more salt to their wounds: "If you didn't find anything about what I just said funny, look up the word 'humor' and add it to your personality. That's definitely the reason why people are swiping left to your Christian Mingle." Ha! Got 'em! In addition, he stated that no cabin crew members on the plane trust the passengers. "Now my flight attendants are coming by because they simply do not trust you. Going to go ahead and get your seat belts securely fastened, your seat backs and tray tables on their full upright and lock." Passenger Shahyra Monique Grant talked about how fun he was during the whole flight, saying: "It was because of that flight attendant that we all made it through that flight."

Instagram / @nowthisnews
Instagram / @nowthisnews


He then turns to face every woman on the plane and addresses them directly while grinning subtly. “Ladies, this does include that Louis Vuitton, that Gucci purse, especially the fake Gucci purse. But once we get up to 10,000 feet, the G is going to pull up. And then you’re going to find yourself in the ghetto streets of San Juan with an Ucci purse.” All of the passengers were in utter hysterics after this sentence. And, ladies, remember to keep your purse hidden from this man because he WILL make fun of you. Social media users were in awe of him and we all really wish we could have a flight attendant like him the next time we travel.

Instagram / @nowthis
Instagram / @nowthis


Instagram / @nowthisnews
Instagram / @nowthisnews


It looks like Instagram user @ty_lopez9 already had a chance to fly with him and we are so not jealous. "I had him on my flight to Puerto Rico back in November! Absolutely hilarious!" @luvlisy commented: "I would pay extra just to have him as a flight attendant‼️" @cleanbeautty's comment, to which we all agree says: "Nobody wants to listen to a monotone robot-sounding person giving instructions. Look at all of us watching his video in our downtime bc of his humor. Give this man a stand-up comedy job or something!" @alexisssjay chimed in: "Okay period 😭🤭🤣 I wish most people had this sense of humor and authenticity."

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