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First grader makes playground accessible for disabled classmate in a heartwarming way

The boy took it upon himself to ensure his friend can safely play with the other children.

First grader makes playground accessible for disabled classmate in a heartwarming way
Cover Image Source: YouTube | WJHL

Kindness has the power to make the world a better place. Abel Baxley, a soon-to-be first grader at Bulls Gap Elementary School, is winning hearts with his compassionate actions. According to WJHL, Abel is committed to ensuring his classmate Natalia Petosa, who has a rare genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome that affects her ability to walk, can access the playground during recess.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Trinity Kubassek
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Trinity Kubassek

To help Natalia reach the playground safely in her wheelchair, Abel sweeps the gravel from the ground, especially during recess. "I do sweep off the gravels and the rocks," Abel says. His act of kindness makes a significant impact on Natalia's life. Her mom, April Catherman, shares her gratitude: "It makes me feel very happy and heartfelt to know that he does whatever he can in his heart. He is out there sweeping the rocks up for her to make sure she gets to and from the playground safely."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Liliana Drew
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Liliana Drew

The boy's thoughtful act makes it a little bit easier for the girl to get through her day, reports Yahoo News. "He's seeing that she's not different. He's seeing that she's just as well as his classmate and friend to be able to get to the playground and to be able to play with her," the mom shares. The boy is glad about what he does for his friend, per Sunny Skyz. It's his favorite thing to play on the swings with Petosa. The school is currently in the process of making more accessible swings and concrete grounds so the little girl can play and get around easily.


In another similar story, a disabled girl got a wholesome surprise on her birthday from her friends. 15-year-old Kiley Crisp has Williams Syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes a person to have learning disabilities. For quite some time, the girl didn't have many friends. Until she hit it off with two girls at her church camp. Unfortunately, the girls live far away from Crisp. Hence, the friends can't hang out with each other often. However, they would call to talk to her and check on her almost every day. Little did the girl imagine that this would lead to the most tear-jerking surprise.


In a video, an excited and Crisp is sitting in a cafe, ready to celebrate her 15th birthday. Her excitement and joy double as she turns around and sees that her two friends have specially traveled to be with her on her special day. She cries tears of joy as she greets her friends. "My sister Kiley has Williams Syndrome and sometimes has trouble making friends her age. She met the most amazing girls at church camp last summer. The problem is they live 3 hours away. They call her every day and make her feel so loved. Today, they surprised her for her 15th birthday!" The girl's sister shared through an X post. Many people could relate to the girl's situation and sent a lot of love and happiness her way.  

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