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Firefighters shave their heads to support crewmate with cancer: 'It means a lot'

Worby is heading to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester for a stem cell transplant but decided to shave his head before going there.

Firefighters shave their heads to support crewmate with cancer: 'It means a lot'
Image source: YouTube/Kare11

A group of Minnesota firefighters shaved their heads in solidarity with one of their own who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a rare form of blood cancer. Christian Worby received his diagnosis last October. After he shaved his head before the treatment, he paid a visit to his colleagues at Coon Rapids Fire Station 1. It was already emotional for Worby but he wasn't prepared for seeing that his friends had shaved their heads as well, in solidarity with him. "This was unexpected," he said. "It means a lot, yeah. Like these guys obviously care about me," reported PEOPLE. It was also a way of organizing a send-off for their dear friend. Worby is expected to spend six weeks at the Mayo Clinic. 


Worby's family was in shock after learning of the diagnosis. "It wasn't something we were ever going to be prepared for," said Colleen Worby, Christian's wife. Worby knew life wouldn't be the same again and that he would have to adapt to a new reality. "I wanted to shave my head before I went down to Rochester so that my kids would kind of get used to it for a couple of days before they saw me," he told KARE. Colleen is also facing a huge upheaval as far as home is concerned. "We're going to have to find our new norm and our new adjust as I'm kind of that solo parent at home for those six weeks," she said.


At the Coon Rapids Fire Station 1, Worby himself helped shave the heads of some of his mates in an emotional moment that was caught on camera. The Coon Rapids Fire Department shared the incident on its Facebook page and wrote, "We got to have a few laughs this afternoon shaving each other's hair in support of our coworker Christian who is off to Mayo in the morning."



Battalion Chief Tim Gilsrud also paid tribute to Worby, stating that he was going to leave behind "a void" at the Coon Rapids Fire Station 1. "He makes us smile and laugh and we look forward to working with him," said Gilsrud.

"They definitely can make each other smile and forget those tough things," said Colleen. Worby also gave a short speech at the Coon Rapids Fire Station 1, explaining what his work and colleagues meant to him. "I'm going to miss this job. I'm going to miss these guys," he said.


People on Facebook rallied to show support for Worby as well. Firefighters from other stations also posted their wishes and prayers to Worby. "Coon Rapids firefighters are amazing. What a demonstration of love and support!" wrote one person. "Positive thoughts and prayers for Christian, his medical team, and family! This story is so encouraging! Way to go Coon Rapids Fire Department/ Team!" commented another. "Awesome show of support gents! Well wishes Worby. We can’t wait to hear that voice back on the radio in the near future," wrote another person.

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