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Firefighters save young girl's birthday by rescuing her doll from a storm drain

The 7-year-old was waiting for the school bus when the doll slid out of her pocket and went down a storm drain.

Firefighters save young girl's birthday by rescuing her doll from a storm drain
Cover Image Source: (L) Youtube | CBS Boston ; (R) Instagram | Acton Fire Department

As children, we all would've been devastated if our favorite toy decided to grow a pair of legs and scurry off or even worse, if we lost it. The relationship between a child and a toy is very pure and sacred. They develop an attachment to odd things like blankets and sometimes, even a sock. These items give them a sense of comfort and security when they need it most. Therefore losing it might be quite a big deal. The house would be in an uproar, with opened cabinets and cupboards and to top it all off, a child who is hysterically wailing. But sometimes, there is extra assistance like that for a 7-year-old girl where some firefighters helped her get back her doll.


Acton firefighters came to the rescue when this little girl's birthday got off to a bad start. The 7-year-old was waiting for the school bus on her special day when a doll, which she had borrowed for a close friend, slid out of her pocket and went down a storm drain. Her mother attempted to retrieve the doll while her daughter was in school. Fire Captain James Byrne who was driving past the scene observed her attempting to rescue the doll from the storm drain on Pond View Drive using a pole and net. As reported by Patch, Firefighters Steve Dimeco and Clem Tyler responded to Byrne's request for a ladder truck and arrived on the site. They removed the grating with a pry bar and brought the doll back to safety. 



The mother and daughter duo were more than glad to know that the doll was okay and that they will return it back to its rightful owner. "I'm very grateful to the Acton Fire Department," the woman said in a press release. "This was so appreciated." Fire Chief Robert Hart said in a statement, "Our firefighters face a wide variety of hazards and challenges, but this challenge was a little unique," Hart wrote. "I am proud of Capt. Byrne, Firefighter Dimeco, and Firefighter Tyler for showing that the Acton Fire Department is always here for our community, no matter what challenges await. On behalf of the entire Acton Fire Department, I would also like to wish this young member of our community a very happy birthday!" 


The authorities don't just bring dolls back to safety but also allow unicorns to have free reign too. A first-grader in Los Angeles County asked permission to keep a unicorn in her backyard and requested that the department send her a response letter, to which they graciously obliged. They sent her a pre-approved unicorn license and gave her a stuffed unicorn with a heart-shaped pink license fastened to its collar because they knew the fabled animal could be difficult to locate if it got lost. “Dear LA County I would like your approval if I can have a unicorn in my backyard if I can find one. Please send me a letter in response,” read the letter written by Madeline.



The department stated the following what Madeline had to do in order to keep her unicorn in the backyard. "Regular access to sunlight, moonbeams, and rainbows," polishing its horn once a month with a soft cloth, and treating it to watermelon at least once a week." If Madeline chooses to bedazzle her mythical pet on any given day, she must ensure that any "sparkles or glitter used on the unicorn must be nontoxic and biodegradable to ensure the unicorn's good health." Everyone including the department staff were "just so touched and charmed and really thrilled" with her letter. 

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