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Firefighters find the perfect way to comfort a little girl who was crying at a crash scene

Two firefighters from Utah showed incredible compassion and kindness when they comforted a terrified girl involved in a car accident by letting her paint their nails.

Firefighters find the perfect way to comfort a little girl who was crying at a crash scene
Cover Image Source: Facebook | North Davis Fire District

Firefighters are the unsung heroes of our communities, selflessly risking their lives to protect and serve others. Their importance cannot be overstated, as they play a crucial role in maintaining public safety and safeguarding our property. Through their unwavering dedication, bravery, and expertise, they protect lives, property, and our well-being. Their selfless commitment to the safety and welfare of others makes them an essential and deeply appreciated group of professionals. The incident that happened with this little girl met is beautiful proof of this.



She met with a car accident and was completely terrified when two firefighters from Utah comforted her by letting her paint their nails. “This is how amazing our firefighters are,” the North Davis Fire District Facebook post read. They had noticed how she was uninjured but terrified at the scene of the crash. Later, they noticed the nail paint she held in her hand. They started talking about it as they saw the girl screaming and crying on the scene of the accident, reports the Associated Press

“Our A shift Battalion Chief and Captain were on the scene of a motor vehicle accident where a small female child was not injured but very scared. After noticing the child was holding bottles of fingernail polish, these 2 officers started talking to her about her polish and asked her if she would paint their nails. Within minutes, the child was calmly painting their nails and had forgotten about the accident she had just experienced. Great job, Chief Hadley and Captain Lloyd, for providing awesome customer service to one of our young citizens," the department wrote on its Facebook page.


Lloyd told KSLTV, "She had about six bottles of fingernail polish. Three in each hand, so I just started talking to her about that,” he said. “(She was) Still a little huffy, screamy, so I asked her if she wanted to paint my nails. She said, ‘Yeah.'”

"The second she started, she was done crying and having fun,” he said. “Her reaction was priceless, just the way she was getting excited when we would change colors, almost like a little kid at Disneyland all of a sudden." Hadley added, "The fingernail painting had already started, so we kind of teased each other. He had a gloved hand, and she was painting his gloved hand. So I kind of told him he needed to man up and take his glove off and actually let her do an actual fingernail.”


The two men also posed along with the girl for a picture and they flaunted their manicured hands. The young girl’s mother, Jocelyn Fernelius, commented on the post, thanking Hadley and Lloyd for comforting her daughter, Braelyn, and she even wrote how it “made her day.” She further added, “She got upset when they told her that they had to go back to work. I told her that she can see them again.”

She revealed her daughter felt as if she were "in heaven" as she had never painted the nails of anyone before this event. “It was really scary,” she wrote, “[but] she was her normal, happy self today. Laughing and playing like usual.”



The mother further explained that she and her daughter were driving on Route 193 in Davis County when they had an accident. “It’s nice that we can have a story that shows people still care about each other in a world where a lot of people feel like they don’t anymore,” she said. “A lot of the colors she wanted was pink and purple,” Hadley said in an interview with Fox 13 Salt Lake City. “But, I kind of got a feeling that she wanted to keep my hand pink and his purple. It just puts a smile on our faces too."

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