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Firefighters block traffic on busy motorway to help elderly woman cross the road safely

Cars were rushing past the elderly woman and he was struggling to cross the road until the fire engine drew up beside her.

Firefighters block traffic on busy motorway to help elderly woman cross the road safely
Image source: Twitter/@trtworld

'In a world where you can be anything, be kind,' they say and it's something a group of firefighters abided by when they parked their truck right across a motorway to help an elderly woman cross the road. The incident happened along the Kaliningrad motorway in Russia and the video of the same has gone viral on the internet. The footage was taken on November 18 and appears to be from a fixed CCTV on the motorway. The video shows an elderly woman standing in the middle of the road on what looks like tram lines, reported The Daily Mail. She appears to be holding two walking sticks while trying to cross the road but the oncoming heavy traffic makes it impossible for her to cross. Cars zoom past her and she waits patiently.


That's when you see a fire engine on the other side of the road. It slows down near her before cutting hard left to block the motorway on the side the lady was trying to cross. As the fire engine blocks the first lane, three firefighters jump out of the vehicle and link arms with the elderly lady to help her cross the road. The fire engine is clearly facing the wrong way on the motorway, but the other vehicles slow down and wait patiently as the firefighters guide the woman to the other side. The video ends with the woman safely reaching the other side of the road and getting onto the pavement before the fireman hops back onto the truck and the fire engine drives away.



In a similar incident a few years ago, an 8-year-old was lauded for helping an elderly woman with a walker climb a set of stairs in Georgia, reported ABC News. Maurice Adams was traveling in a car with his mother when he spotted the elderly woman struggling to cross the road. He asked his Mom, Contricia Hill, if he could give her a helping hand and she agreed. “He asked, ‘Can I go out there and help her up the steps?’” she recalled. Hill stopped the car and Adams leaped out to rush to aid the elderly woman. The woman had been struggling to climb the stairs along with the walker. “She was struggling so I decided to help her,” said Maurice Adams. What Adams didn't know at the time was that his act of kindness was being filmed.


The footage showed Adams supporting the elderly woman with one hand while lifting the walker at each step. After he helped her up the stairs, she turned towards him and give him a tight hug, thanking him for taking the time out to help her. Adams then runs back into the car. "She told him that he’s special,” Hill recalled. Riley Duncan, who was in the car parked behind Hill's car, filmed the act of kindness before posting it on a community Facebook group. “I’m like, wow, he jumped out to help that elderly lady. I was so proud and it made me feel so good and I started crying,” Duncan told WGXA. “With tears, I started recording and it was just so amazing.”

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