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Heroic firefighter rescues dog trapped in a melting ice pond with loads of cajoling and some treats

A dog was rescued from an ice-covered pond in Michigan by the Muskegon Heights Fire Department with the help of the Pound Buddies animal shelter.

Heroic firefighter rescues dog trapped in a melting ice pond with loads of cajoling and some treats
Image Source: Facebook/Pound Buddies

Dogs are one of the most loved pets in the world and for good reasons too. They are known for their loyalty, affection and playful nature, making them great companions for people of all ages. However, at times, these animals find themselves in jeopardy as they try to adapt to man-made settlements.

In one such incident, a dog who fell into an ice-covered pool found a friend in a patient firefighter. Although a lot of strength, composure and strategy was required to get the canine to safety, Lieutenant John Kriger managed to return him to his human family safe and sound, reports Good News Network.

Image Source: Facebook/Pound Buddies
Image Source: Facebook/Pound Buddies


Image Source: Facebook/Pound Buddies
Image Source: Facebook/Pound Buddies

Pound Buddies, an animal shelter in Michigan, received multiple panicked calls on March 7 regarding a dog trapped on melting ice, several feet down in an old filtration pond. Although the pond was frozen, the dog's weight made the ice precarious, and it was unclear how long it would hold up.

The Muskegon Heights Fire Department was called to the scene by Pound Buddies and they arrived promptly to save the dog from a possibly dangerous situation. A video shared by the shelter shows Lieutenant Kriger climbing over the wall and winning the dog's confidence with a treat. For about three minutes, Kriger kept his hand out and called the dog by its name while his colleagues asked him not to make any sudden movements.

Image Source: Facebook/Pound Buddies
Image Source: Facebook/Pound Buddies

After a while, the cautious dog approached Lieutenant Kriger for more affection and allowed him to access its collar. With impressive power, he lifted the dog under his right arm and climbed up the ladder and over the wall to bring the canine to safety. After the rescue, the dog underwent a check-up and was declared uninjured despite falling 10 feet into the pond.

The rescue organization Pound Buddies uploaded videos of the event to their Facebook page, detailing the reasons behind enlisting "the big dogs" and the exact moment when the dog was saved. They wrote, "The concrete 'pond' was partially filled with water approximately another 8-12 feet deep, with a thin layer of ice floating on top. All the way around the pond was 2-3 feet of open water. The logistics of getting the dog appeared a bit challenging at first but then the BIG DOG was called in!"

They added, "Once again, words don't seem adequate for expressing the gratitude we have for these amazing firefighters and the Muskegon Heights Fire department! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!" 

Image Source: Facebook/Pound Buddies
Image Source: Facebook/Muskegon Heights Fire Dept

The Muskegon Heights Fire Department also wrote on Facebook about the rescue and shared some pictures. They wrote, "After falling approximately 20 feet onto an iced-over containment area in the old wastewater treatment, escape without technical assistance was not possible. Lieutenant John Kriger climbed down to reach the stranded canine and carried him safely. Following the rescue, the dog was checked out by Pound Buddies."


People are appreciating the department and shelter for their prompt efforts to rescue the adorable furball. He seemed extremely relieved to get out of that situation and it is all thanks to the people who came in together to save him. It is heartwarming to witness this beautiful rescue.

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