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Fellow gym goer helps woman do a pullup with a simple trick: 'That is the sweetest'

The viral video shows that it is ok to ask for help or be helped at the gym when you are confused and don't know what to do.

Fellow gym goer helps woman do a pullup with a simple trick: 'That is the sweetest'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @sandsxfitness

The gym can be an intimidating place for many. When you are unable to use a piece of equipment, asking for help is a challenge because you do not want to seem like a rookie, nor do you want to be a disturbance to other people while they are in the middle of exercising.

Where do I put my stuff? Where do I find the 4.5-pound plates? Or how do I put on this dip belt? These questions cripple us with sudden anxiety or make us hesitant to ask for help. However, one video that has gone viral shows that it is ok to ask for help or be helped at the gym when you are confused about equipment or fear being called a dummy for not knowing how to do it.

Image Source: Instagram / @sandsxfitness
Image Source: Instagram | @sandsxfitness

An Instagram user, @sandsxfitness, shared a video in which she is seen attempting to do a pull-up but failing because she is afraid of not being able to reach the bar or slipping halfway through it. "How do you get up?" she says while looking around, asking for help. "Jump!" somebody else says, but Sandhya gets second thoughts and tries to fight over her fear of the seemingly harmless pull-up bar.

Later in the video, a man observes her from afar and volunteers to help her with a simple yet genius technique. "High five," the man exclaims as Sandhya leaps to clap his hands. He raises his hand farther with each clap to teach Sandhya how to jump on the bar without effort.

Image Source: Instagram / @sandsxfitness
Image Source: Instagram | @sandsxfitness

She then goes to the bar, skillfully balances herself, and completes a full set of pull-ups in a split second. She exclaims with joy, "Oh my god, shut up!" and thanks the kind man for assisting her in overcoming her fear. In the comments, many praised the man for helping Sandhya when she needed it and continued by pointing out that gyms are the most welcoming places.

"The gym community is probably the most accepting and the most open community in the whole world, they never judge and everyone is welcome," said @anshumannroy.  "Wow this was so sweet. Gym community is the best hands down," wrote @rudyyyyyyy.


The heartwarming video that comes in the midst of many videos that show women being harassed in public gyms or accusing men of ogling at them is an eye-opening reinforcement of the idea that you can be a kind and helpful person without giving a creepy disposition. When a woman in a popular TikTok video became furious over a "feral" man staring at her in January, she quickly came under fire for posting the video to seek attention.

Twitter user @Jessica49 posted a TikTok in which she was about to do hip thrusts in a gym when a man standing behind her in a green t-shirt, who seemed to be doing his workout, was accused of staring at her and, making Jessica feel uncomfortable.


"This is how to not approach girls at the gym," she captioned the video, according to Evie Magazine. "I hate this. I hate when there are weirdos that get me so uncomfortable," she said into the microphone. "Feral, feral, feral, feral, like f*cking feral." She added that she was "contemplating screaming bloody murder to make him go away."

However, the man in question only looked in her direction for a split second, but Jessica said he was being rude by staring at her. She was met with severe backlash resulting in the deletion of the post, with many pointing out how Jessica was the problem in this situation and not the man standing behind her. 

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