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'Why so much hate?': Fed-Ex driver breaks down in tears after getting spat on, called the N-word

The 23-year-old was unloading packages from the delivery truck when a man passing by in a car almost hit him.

'Why so much hate?': Fed-Ex driver breaks down in tears after getting spat on, called the N-word

A FedEx driver's video narrating a racist attack leveled against him for just doing his job is heartbreaking, to say the least. Brandon Brackins broke down after a customer tried to hit him with a car, spat on him and called him the N-word. The incident comes amidst the Black Lives Matter protests that happened after George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man was killed by a white cop in a brutal incident in Minneapolis. The FedEx driver's racist encounter proves that many racists have become more emboldened since the protests, believing it to be their right to subjugate and oppress Black people. 



Brackins lived the horrible experience on June 10th while doing his job in the small town of Lisbon, in Ohio. He shared the incident on Facebook Live. The 23-year-old said he was unloading packages from the delivery truck when a man passing by in a car almost hit him, before spitting on him and calling him the racial slur. Brackins is in tears, breaking down, constantly asking "why the hate?" in the video. He also wondered if the protests were ever going to move the racists to reason. "What the f*ck is the point of all this protest sh*t if it don't work?" asks Brackins helplessly. The emotional video is yet another reminder that while the privileged can empathize with the Black community and try to make sense of what they are being put through, it's never the same as experiencing the dehumanizing treatment firsthand.



He speaks between tears as he tries to compose himself and narrate the racist encounter. "Why? Why so much hate? Why so much hate?" trying to make sense of it himself. "I’m usually really good with words. I really don’t let that shit get to me, but when you almost hit me and spit on me and call me an N-word," he adds. He then goes on to say that racism is more deep-rooted than the privileged can ever imagine. "I think it's a lot worse than a lot of people think. Racism is live... If any of you ever had to fuc*in' experience racism firsthand," said Brackins. Between every two-three sentences, Brackins takes a break to compose himself. Peter Wilson, the mayor of Lisbon, Ohio, confirmed to local media that the authorities were investigating the incident.



There was a swell of online support for the 23-year-old. Christina A., wrote: I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Nobody should ever have to experience something like that.. Keep your head up. Better days are coming. His cousin Alisha wrote: I love you tons Brandon and am so sorry you had this happen to you. You do not deserve this. You are the bigger person and we keep working to make this not happen. Love you tons Cousin!! ❤️ He also confirmed that he was working with the cops on identifying the racist. "I am currently getting the cops involved got him on camera and his car," wrote Brackins in a comment.




This incident comes to light not long after another Fed-Ex driver was racially abused by a customer and subsequently fired by the company. The video showed a customer cursing and threatening the pair after they delivered a package to the man’s home in Leesburg, reported NBC News. Fed-Ex absolved themselves of any responsibility of firing the employees, claiming they were contracted to a service provider. The company stated that they confirmed with the contractor that "the drivers are no longer providing service on behalf of FedEx Ground."



The co-worker who recorded the video posted it online again and wrote: Fed-Ex called and told me to take down this video and fired both of us today. I’m reposting this video because people like him, doesn’t matter white or any race should never disrespect essential workers putting their lives in jeopardy especially with this Coronavirus. After the video of the customer harassing the worker went viral online, #BoycottFedEx began trending online with many vowing the boycott their services. The online outrage forced Fed-Ex to rehire the driver. Fed-Ex tweeted: We are aware of the incident in GA that led to the release of two drivers employed by a service provider. We're offering employment while investigating to ensure an appropriate outcome. We take seriously allegations of discrimination, retaliation, or improper employment actions.

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