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Father instills confidence in young boy for diving with a unique and careful approach

He introduces his son to the aquatic environment, guiding him through the motions of waving underwater.

Father instills confidence in young boy for diving with a unique and careful approach
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/knight_rider

Our parents try their best to teach us all the skills they have. Recently, a Reddit user, u/Knight_Rider, took to the platform and posted about how a dad, a professional diver, is giving his son two crucial lessons: diving and confidence. The caption of this post reads, "A dad, also a trained professional diver, teaching his little one confidence in the water and sharing his tips on how he does this." It is an endearing post that received 7.4K upvotes and several comments. The video starts underwater, where the father is holding his son and the overlay text reads, "Make sure they feel safe."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Knight_TheRider
Image Source: Reddit | u/Knight_TheRider

He teaches him to wave inside water and then brings him to the waterbed and gives him a colorful toy and next time, he holds him and asks him to pick it up. Two other tips follow from the father in the text overlay, "Build their confidence and trust them to go for it." He continues to bring his son underwater and make him dive and pick the toys. It is a great learning practice for a kid as his father held him but tried to teach him to dive. The core aspect of this teaching was to make the child feel safe and help them have the confidence to learn new things.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Knight_TheRider
Image Source: Reddit | u/Knight_TheRider

It is true that for learning anything new we need to believe in ourselves and it is even better if our early caregivers inculcate these qualities in us. People on Reddit also loved this dad's approach and appreciated his efforts in the comment section. u/diagnosedwolf shared, "My dad used to do this with me. He'd stick me on his back piggyback style and go skimming along the bottom of the pool until we both ran out of breath. It was so fun." u/comprehensivetop6338 mentioned, "This is so nice to watch, and it's the first time I've seen a video of parents actually teaching their kids to dive!" u/cubanbird revealed, "Yess!!! I used to ask my dad to "be a sea turtle" I would ride his back underwater like a sea princess or something. Ugh, the few good memories, haha."

u/brushlow1063 wrote, "I was thinking about diving sticks the other day and why the hell they gave me so much joy as a kid. Maybe I just need to go play in the pool to knock down some of the stresses of today's world." u/departmentmassive361 commented, "Absolutely love how it shows the trust the child can have in him." u/thehazzanator commented, "Dude I would highly recommend. Go stay somewhere warm with a pool in summer for a weekend or something and just do all the silly pool games we did as a kid. It heals your soul." u/halle_mendoza_ exclaimed, "God, how cute is that? My heart is touched. This is the best dad and talented little one."

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