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Young girl comforts overworked dad, touching hearts online

Viral video captures a daughter covering her sleeping dad with a jacket, leaving him tearful.

 Young girl comforts overworked dad, touching hearts online
Cover Image Source: YouTube | South China Morning Post

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 7, 2022. It has since been updated.

The bond between fathers and daughters is special, with loving dads often acting as supporters, defenders, and even playmates. They encourage critical thinking, goal-setting, and problem-solving while offering strength and support. However, in a heartwarming video posted on Reddit, these roles were briefly switched, and you might find yourself in tears after watching it.


In footage shared by the South China Morning Post, a man is seen dozing off while revising his restaurant menu, a result of the pandemic's challenges. His little daughter notices and thoughtfully covers him with her jacket to keep him warm. When the father wakes up after his daughter leaves the room, he realizes what has happened and is overwhelmed by her gesture, breaking down in tears. Online viewers reacted to the video, noting that the young girl's small act of kindness could be exactly what her father needed to get through his busy day.

Following the touching video, some netizens felt compelled to check up on the man's mental health, with one writing: "This made my heart hurt. A poor man is so exhausted, he passed out in a brightly lit room, on an uncomfortable surface with his head in his arms. Sure, the kid is sweet but he must be horribly burnt out."

Another instance of a youngster exhibiting extraordinary empathy and kindness to their parent involves a six-year-old child who gave his dad a pep talk after a challenging day of parenting. "After a 2.5-hour temper tantrum from the three-year-old, all of our nerves were shot," the text overlay on the video reads. "Here’s how our six-year-old handled it.” In the video, the little boy is seen sitting by himself at the table, breathing deeply with his arms folded in a position of prayer.

Tiktok \ @mollymikos
Tiktok \ @mollymikos

"Are you doing okay, buddy?" his dad asks, as he sits across from him at the table, looking dejected. The boy says, "Yes." The father then lets out an "Oh my god," and his kid replies, "I think we should take some deep breaths together."

His dad agrees and they both start to take deep breaths together. Any angry parent may easily dismiss this idea and keep up their foul attitude, but instead, his dad does the opposite. He eventually exhales a sigh of relief and says, "Oh my god," again, adding, "Thank you, Daniel, you're right." What occurs next is what makes this connection so endearing. There's something very special about allowing our kids to take the lead occasionally.

Daniel remarks, perhaps referring to his temperamental younger sister, "She's crazy," to which his dad replies, "I'm sorry, buddy, for losing my cool. Mommy and I keep trying to do better, set a better example, it’s just, this stuff gets frustrating."

After saying, "Hey, Dad, It's okay," Daniel got up from the table right away to give his father a hearty embrace. "You are the best little guy in the world. Do you know how much I love you?" his father says as he melts into the embrace. On TikTok, viewers gushed over the wholesome interaction in similar ways, writing comments like "This is why you're amazing parents" and "This has me literally sobbing at 2 am." Although some parents believe it's preferable to keep a straight face around their children, being open about how you're feeling can lead to connections like Daniel's with his father.

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