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Father brings lunch for his adult son at work to show him that he will 'always be there for him'

Dave Monroe often uploads videos about his family and this was just another instance of him showing how important it is support one another in a family.

Father brings lunch for his adult son at work to show him that he will 'always be there for him'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @davemonroe0

Parents find the most special ways to make their kids feel loved. A father did the same when he surprised his son at his work. The father showed up with lunch for his son at his workplace and it is truly heartwarming. Many kids had their lunch dropped off at school but this father let his son know that he is still loved and cared for even in his work. Such gestures can truly make anyone feel loved. Dave Monroe is a loving dad and husband and he uploads TikTok videos about his family and a few where he is seen lip-syncing on popular songs. 

Image Source: TikTok | @davemonroe0
Image Source: TikTok | @davemonroe0


This time, he surprised his adult son with lunch and the warm and loving gesture in the video is being appreciated by many. The meal from Burger King was meant to convey that his father always has his back. The text overlay on the video reads, “Just because they get older, our kids still need to know that we’ll always be there for them." Monroe greeted his son with, “What’s up hardworking man?” “I wanted to bring you something, bro. I wanted to bring you lunch,” he continued. He gave him the lunch and his son smiled. “I love you, boy. I just want to say thank you, man,” he said. “Thank you. Have a good day,” he said. He also gave his son some good advice, “Keep working hard."

Image Source: TikTok | @davemonroe
Image Source: TikTok | @davemonroe


These words touched the hearts of many and they supported the father in the comments section. @Torka commented, "He ain’t want you to leave." @Mr.Magik wrote, "He’ll always remember this. That look back was a boy still amazed by his super dad. You are appreciated." @DaphneNanaEdwards, "I'm so proud of him, tell him to keep making good decisions in ALL situations!" @jeremiah_824 wrote, "Never experienced this type of love once in my life with either parent…but I got my own coming so definitely gonna make sure my kid feels that love." 

In another heartwarming story about a father and his kid, we see, a dad-daughter duo has been spreading positivity throughout Harlem in New York City and the internet with their morning bike ride affirmations. @damionscorner on TikTok has posted many video clips of the heartwarming commute he makes with his daughter. As he goes to drop off and pick up his daughter from school on a bicycle, the father and daughter spread greetings along the way. The videos follow the same format and never fail to make the viewers smile. One such video is captioned, "This little girl [is] amazing on here and in real life. Have a blessed day, make it count for something," received 1.5 million views. 

Image Source: TikTok | @damionscorner
Image Source: TikTok | @damionscorner


The video first shows them acknowledging each other. "Good morning Mr. Daddy," says the daughter. "Good morning Miss Jacksyn," replies Damion with a warm smile. "How are you feeling today," asks the little girl. "I am feeling lovely today. How about you?" asks Damion. "Me too," replies Jacksyn before asking her dad if he slept well at night. Then, as per their routine script, Jacksyn excitedly yells through the street, reminding everyone that they're "Outside!" As they ride on their cycle, Damion ensures he greets and wishes everyone he comes across while addressing them as "king" and "love." 



"I want you to know that everybody loves you. Your mommy, your grandma, uncle Harry, Didi, your pops, Ocean, Zendaya, Kenzie, Rylie, Shawn, your best friends, the rest of your family, your cousins, your uncles, your Godparents. Everybody loves you 'cause you're awesome. Your skin is amazing. You can do anything if you put your mind to it," he said. Fathers' love is truly special and we must always cherish it!

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