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Father breaks into tears after reuniting with his daughter after 10 years: 'He was in shock'

The man recognizes that the woman is his daughter, leading to an emotional reunion filled with tears and embraces.

Father breaks into tears after reuniting with his daughter after 10 years: 'He was in shock'
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsMVT

The bond between a father and daughter is full of unconditional love, unwavering support and cherished memories. It is a relationship that embraces tenderness and strength, where a father becomes a guiding light, a protector and a source of wisdom. Some father-daughter relationships pass the test of time and glimmer with warmth, innocence and joy. In a video posted by Good News Movement captioned, "Emotional reunion: Father and daughter reunite after 10 years apart. Beautiful," we see the proof of the same.



In a heartfelt scene, a woman is captured strolling alongside what appears to be her daughter when they abruptly halt before an elderly man. Since both of them have their faces covered with masks, the daughter prompts the man to recognize them. The man takes a few seconds and looks at her. Once he realizes that woman is his daughter, whom he hasn't seen in ten years, he breaks into tears and embraces her lovingly.

What seems to have invoked such a reaction, as shown in this warm video, had left people guessing. "The fact he couldn’t recognize her for that long makes me think they never FaceTimed or saw pictures of each other for 10 years, which is weird," commented @mt100irish. "People are human beings. Stop questioning- why so long, why he didn't recognize her, people are no robots. Feelings are not black and white. Let people express themselves in an authentic way. Let them be present in the situation in a way that feels comfortable for them," proclaimed @sunnyvanrai.

"It's not that he didn't recognize her, you absolute doorstops. He was in shock and he wasn't registering who he was looking at," reminded @maysaniyazova.

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Another dedicated daughter tracked down her father after 25 years. She was able to do that with help from strangers after posting two photographs of him on a Facebook group called Downriver and Friends. Jordyn O'Neil was desperate to find her father but lacked critical information about him. O'Neil's mother died when she was ten and later was raised by her maternal grandmother. The 25-year-old had no idea what her father's surname was and had spent her entire life wondering about him.


O'Neil encountered nothing but roadblocks while attempting to locate her father using AncestryDNA. Her grandmother's sister remembered having old photographs of her biological father taken on the day she was born in 1997. O'Neil was told years ago that her father may have worked in Southgate. She was eventually able to track him down, thanks to the help of the Facebook group. She said, "I posted the two pictures with his name being Brian. And I'm like, 'I know these pictures are from 1997, but does anyone recognize him? This is my only hope.' And it blew up." Following this, O'Neil and Ahern were reunited after 25 years on April 9, reports WMBF News.


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