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Fast-food employee quits amid exhaustion and frustrations due to poor management

The employee could not function in a workplace with mismanagement that made every task more challenging.

Fast-food employee quits amid exhaustion and frustrations due to poor management
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Rene Asmussen

It is no secret that modern jobs involve learning new things quickly. This kind of adaptability is ideal in the world of restaurant service, as employees work in a fast-paced environment. However, sometimes they endure far more than they have to and it forces them to make drastic decisions. A Reddit user, u/StabbityBlibo, shared their story of quitting a prominent fast-food chain after being mistreated. The post, which has 4.5K upvotes, is titled, "I'm the only one today?"

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Nataliya Vaitkevich
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Nataliya Vaitkevich

The employee began the post by detailing how difficult it was to get the job because the owner never showed up at the scheduled time during the interview. By the time they were finally able to attend the interview, they were already "fed up with the place." However, problems continued as they were only put to work for two days a week when they had specifically requested to work full-time. They write, "This went on for about a month since I figured I would get more hours as the days went on. No dice."

One fine day, the Reddit user showed up at work only to find out they were the only person in the kitchen. They write, "I was the only one on the clock for the kitchen for my entire 8-hour shift." Surprisingly, the store had three cashiers working at the front, but they never thought to help them out. Naturally, they struggled with orders and sometimes the general managers would help while complaining about them the entire time.

The employee recalls that there were six people in the store at the time and they remained the only person in the kitchen. Exhausted, they requested a break once the rush died down. The others were not too happy about it but eventually gave in. Frustrated with the situation, the user decided to utilize the break to drive off and never return. They texted the manager to let them know they had quit and blamed it on "absolutely abhorrent management," after which they blocked the boss' number.

They concluded by saying that their time was more valuable and they had ended up wasting a major portion of their summer at the dead-end job. Without a surprise, the manager of the establishment was disliked by other employees as well. People on the platform commended the individual for leaving the job and shared their thoughts in the comment section. u/Putrid_Ad_2556 commented, "Great Labor Day story. Stick it to those that seek to disrespect your labor."

u/WanderingBella said, "There have been a couple of times in the past year or so that I've been to a place that said something along the lines of 'Sorry it'll be a bit, I'm the only one here.' In those instances, I feel so bad for that person. Their employer should just close. Good for you driving off into the sunset; they deserved it."

Image Source: Reddit/GreyNoiseGaming
Image Source: Reddit/u/GreyNoiseGaming


Image Source: Reddit/Lower-Calligrapher98
Image Source: Reddit/u/Lower-Calligrapher98

Another user, u/Excellent_Squirrel86, pointed out, "Few things are more irritating than a manager who won't jump in to help when it is so obviously needed. I've worked for people who will walk past you while you're drowning. Because paperwork is more important than the customer in front of your face. Just walk away. Not worth the stress."

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