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Fashionista showcases how the swimsuit style has evolved over the past 100 years and it's amusing

Along with showing the swimsuit looks from each decade, Gabi also added a bit of information and insight to each piece.

Fashionista showcases how the swimsuit style has evolved over the past 100 years and it's amusing
Cover Image Source: Instagram| @gabis_vintage

Having a tasteful fashion sense can truly elevate one’s appearance and confidence. To achieve bold and confident yet stylish looks, many women are switching to vintage fashion inspired by the previous decades. The puffy shoulders, flares, hats and more are coming back in style and people are in awe of the dynamic creativity over the years. A woman named Gabi (@gabis_vintage) shared an inspiring and chic video on Instagram showcasing different swimsuit styles over the past 100 years. Her video embraced every piece from the 1920s to 2010 and she has served quite a few looks with her sense of vintage styling.

Image Source: Instagram| @gabis_vintage
Image Source: Instagram| @gabis_vintage

Starting with cycle shorts and a vintage top, Gabi posed in the swimsuit style from the 1920s. Next, she shifted to a bodycon sleeveless piece with a slightly flared skirt below. Gabi went on posing in around 10 different styles, each unique and stunning in its own way. Her video received over 20K likes and people were thirsty for a better insight into each piece. Since Gabi’s video captured only the look with each swimsuit for a few seconds, she made a follow-up video, adding a bit of information and insight to each piece. Showing the 1920s swimsuit, Gabi said, “In the 1920s, long socks were often worn with woolen suits.”

Image Source: Instagram| @gabis_vintage
Image Source: Instagram| @gabis_vintage

She added a shocking bit of information by saying, “Modesty officers could arrest you if your shorts were too short.” Sharing a classic pose in the 1930s swimsuit, Gabi added interesting information. She said, “Swimsuits got a daring update in the 30s and women embraced daring boyish silhouettes with low-cut backs and dropped waists.” The 1940s saw a satin-glossing purple swimsuit. “The princess cut with loose ends around the hips was popular with plus-sized and mature women,” Gabi highlighted. This was followed by the 50s with “bullet bras and hourglass accentuating suits.”

Image Source: Instagram| @gabis_vintage
Image Source: Instagram| @gabis_vintage

Flaunting her 1960s looks, Gabi is seen with a bold bikini piece and the cutest headgear. “The 60s introduced bikinis with bold prints and daring cuts in a mod style,” Gabi said. Reaching the ending years, the 1970s featured “smaller, stringier and fun floral pattern” bikini suits. The 1980s were sure to be a decade to mesmerize, given the neon, bright and super fun colors and patterns. Gabi is seen wearing a neon pink “exercise influence” swimsuit with leotards. Coming to the 90s, Gabi referenced the popular show Baywatch and shared how the same influenced the swimsuits of the time.

Image Source: Instagram| @gabis_vintage
Image Source: Instagram| @gabis_vintage

“You can’t think the 90s without thinking Baywatch and high cuts were all the rage,” Gabi said, flaunting yet another epic bikini suit. “In the 2000s, the monokini and tankini were alternatives to the bikini,” Gabi pointed out. Finally, she came to the 2010 period posing with a mix-matched swimsuit. “In 2010, mix and match were all the rage and it was all about personal style,” Gabi concluded. Many commenters were baffled at the evolution of swimwear and the past authentic styles. Others applauded Gabi for her fashion sense and the way she spectacularly carried out all the outfits. @sofi_lemo said, “It's the 40s for me, so delicate, I wish it was on brand again.” @welshavenger said, “70s was the peak I reckon.”

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