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Farmers are participating in Chicken Wars 2023 with their bird armies: 'You better watch out'

Farm owners proudly display their bird armies and they are confident that they would win in this ultimate battle of 2023.

Farmers are participating in Chicken Wars 2023 with their bird armies: 'You better watch out'
Cover Image Source: (L) TikTok | @dylan_bezjack; (R) @craftykid3d | @justthebells10

Wars don't do any good to humanity except this unique one. It's common for flocks of chickens to follow their owners around, so why not turn it into the most hilarious war the world has ever seen? TikTok user Dylan Bezjak set off a war, with great egg spectators on May 26, when he posted a five-second selfie video of his chickens following him. "You better watch out there, pal," he says in the video. "Me and my posse are on our way to kick some a** and take some names here." Thus, the Chicken Wars of 2023 began.

Image Source: TikTok | @dylan_bezjack
Image Source: TikTok | @dylan_bezjack

Other livestock keepers have responded to the call for a fictitious battle by bringing their own flocks of chicken to the virtual "war." They can be seen in the videos showing off and comparing their flocks of chickens after stitching the original video, as well as bragging about who would "win" this ultimate battle.

The competition is real and the plot chickens. A hashtag dedicated to the phenomenon has now received 53 million views. It's become a running inside joke among ranch and farm owners."Let's f***ing go boys," @iamjakeyminaj said as he sipped from a bottle, surrounded by dozens of chickens walking behind him. With their cohort of 4,000 farm chickens, @justthebells10 claimed to be the clear winner of the competition while showing off her farm in Marquette, Michigan.

Image Source: TikTok | @justthebells10
Image Source: TikTok | @justthebells10

@fechinfresheggs appeared to arrange his chicken army to spell out the word "war," sharing a picture of it and saying the competition has "no hope" of beating him. Videos showing armies of chickens preparing are set to cinematic music such as "Avengers: Infinity War" and "The Lord of the Rings" by @grommiewolf, as well as the clanking of the drums by @welp_here. More bird species, like peacocks, guinea fowl, cranes, geese, and ostriches were involved as well. Hoping they don't chicken out of this war.

Tove Danovich, author of "Under the Henfluence: Inside the World of Backyard Chickens and the People Who Love Them," a chicken owner, is not surprised when the trend has taken off. "The videos are hilarious," Danovich told TODAY. "One of my favorite things about my backyard flock of chickens is ho they follow me around the yard," she describes. "It's very common chicken behavior since their human 'leaders' so often have food or treats. They are flock animals, so they like to do things in groups, whether it be eating, preening, or running behind their humans in TikTok videos. Backyard chickens are a lot of fun," she said.


"Over 10.6 million American households keep chickens and it's no surprise that viral trends with chickens are taking off like they do with dogs or cats." Danovich is surprised that "Chicken Wars" didn't happen sooner based on the number of households that own chickens. Out of all the trends that have taken over TikTok, this is probably the best one. Here are some reactions from Twitter to the Chicken Wars that do justice to it. We wish all the chickens the best of cluck!


























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