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Fans can't get enough of 'Drag Race' star Kyne teaching math and science in full glamour

Kyne fell in love with putting on makeup during high school and she really took to it after a group of queens visited her university.

Fans can't get enough of 'Drag Race' star Kyne teaching math and science in full glamour
Image source: Instagram/onlinekyne

Kyne became a household name after participating in "Canada’s Drag Race" but now she's making waves on TikTok for teaching mathematics. Drag and math are not normally associated with one another, but Kyne handles both with ease. She has more than 1.3 million followers on TikTok. Let's face it, it's not every day that you see someone dress up as Medusa to explain why globes and maps aren’t as accurate as they seem. She has been dubbed the "Queen of Maths" but she doesn't limit herself to just math; she also posts about geography, science and more, reported Pink News.


Kyne "fell in love with the artistry" of make-up during high school and she really took to it after a group of queens visited her university. It was also the same time she found RuPaul's Drag Race. It felt like she had stumbled onto something she had always wanted to do. “I just thought: This is what I need to be doing,” she said. “As I was falling in love with makeup, I just kept wanting it to be more theatrical and bolder. It felt to me like drag was the goal that I where I needed to be.”


She never believed she could live full-time doing drag, so she always treated it like her "little side hustle.” She would often post videos on her YouTube channel. “I was basically in school getting my math degree and making some videos about drag on YouTube as my little hobby,” she said. Kyne got a lucky break when RuPaul announced that she was setting up Drag Race in Canada. Kyne was cast in the first season of Canada's edition. She loved the experience on the show but was eliminated in the second episode. Looking back, Kyne says she 'wouldn't change a thing' about her appearance on the show, adding it was "loads of fun." 


Kyne found herself after crossing her two loves — maths and drag. She created a TikTok account and managed to do her own thing. “I knew people wouldn’t really like me from the show, and TikTok was my way of putting myself out there with me being the one to edit, curate and control what people get to see of me,” she said. “It was my own thing that people could discover me for. I think if I had won the show and been a fan-favorite maybe I wouldn’t have had that same encouragement to veer off and do my own thing.”


Drag queens are rarely associated with being studious and Kyne says she wants to break that stereotype. She said the stereotype was harmful as she doubted her sexuality while growing up. She kept telling herself that she needed to be straight “not be flamboyant” to get scholarships. She says it also played a part in her delaying linking the two. “Maybe that’s why it took so long for me to share that interest with my followers because I didn’t think anyone was interested in seeing a drag queen talk about STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics],” said Kyne. She also likes to up her game, even if means dishing out maths lessons. “How about a drag queen teaching math in a canoe or a winter snowstorm,” she said. One of her most-watched videos is her cutting up a Mobius strip into a pair of hearts. Kyne hopes to inspire queer kids to pursue a career or pique their interest in STEM. “[Maths] is relevant to all of us whether you’re a drag queen or a scientist,” said Kyne. “Maths impacts all of our lives, and there is a need for lots of diversity in STEM.”


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