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Fans break into supportive chant for gay pro wrestler Anthony Bowens and it's so wholesome

The 32-year-old was talking with QTV Reporter Harley Cameron when he declared to the audience that he was gay.

Fans break into supportive chant for gay pro wrestler Anthony Bowens and it's so wholesome
Anthony Bowens poses as the Los Angeles LGBT Center hosts The Center Gala at Fairmont Century Plaza on April 22, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Los Angeles LGBT Center)

Anthony Bowens received unusual support from his fans at TNT's AEW Rampage last week. It all started when the 32-year-old wrestler shut down a reporter's flirtation. He was talking with QTV Reporter Harley Cameron when she said Bowens must be into her, reports Comic Sands. Bowens, one half of the wrestling team "The Acclaimed" with wrestling partner Max Caster, looked at her incredulously. "Did you just say that you think I'm into you?" he asked. Cameron simply said, "Duh," to which he replied, "Very very serious question: did you get kicked too many times in the head by a kangaroo when you were a kid?" He then pointed at his outfit: white briefs with black and pink scissor designs and matching boots. "Because I don't know if you can see my gear, lady... I'm gay." The crowd broke into cheers and chants while the commentators added that Bowens is also in a committed relationship. Soon fans also broke out into a supportive chant of - "He's gay! He's gay! He's gay!"

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Bowens then took to Twitter to share the surreal moment, captioning the clip, "If ya told me years ago, I’d have an arena chanting HE'S GAY at me in the most POSITIVE of ways, I’d say you're crazy. It's pretty cool to see how far we've come. Still, more work to do. Happy Pride #AEWRampage." Tons of fans chimed in to offer their support." Tons of fans chimed in to offer their support. @jeskola tweeted, "We need more of this, pretty tired of homophobia, it's so lame." @swaggeroffools said, "I was there and we chanted it with total love in our hearts for you." To which @TheBaitVault replied, Yes, we did!!! Honestly I thought we were chanting “Be Gay” cause that’s what my section was doing, lol either way, everyone showed him so much love."



Last year when "The Acclaimed" won the company's world tag team championship for the first time, Bowens left an emotional message to fans who were struggling in life. "I'm going to take a second to speak on something that I don't really talk about much in front of a camera," he said while being emotional.



"Some of you know, some of you may not know, but I never thought I'd be able to have a moment like this. I never thought I would be able to live my dream because there was a time, where I was very confused and I didn't know how to accept myself. But I fought through that bulls---. I fought through all that bulls---. And now I cry because I'm a champion. So if you're someone, if you're someone who feels like me — and it doesn't even have to be about your sexuality; it could be you're depressed, you're bullied, if life sucks in general — just know that everything gets better. We're living proof of that," he added. "I love you. We love you. But most importantly, everyone loves The Acclaimed." Bowens has been a vocal advocate of inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community throughout his career and fans couldn't be more appreciative.


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