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Family's chaotic 'Thanksgiving mashup' hilariously paints a realistic picture of the holiday

Known for making hysterical mashup videos, the Holderness family came up with one that talks about the chaos on Thanksgiving.

Family's chaotic 'Thanksgiving mashup' hilariously paints a realistic picture of the holiday
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Holderness Family Music

The umpteen tasks that Thanksgiving brings along with it are a lot to process, both physically and emotionally. Families need to plan the menu, prepare to host their guests and cook for endless hours - all for one wholesome meal on the day. Such tedious toiling does take a toll on the stress levels of the family, especially the moms who do most of the work. While keeping their kids' preferences in mind while cooking is one thing, making them actually eat their meal without throwing a tantrum is a whole new feat to be achieved. So, the holiday woes are real and can be tackled with some fun and music. Enter the Holderness family! Their viral Ultimate Thanksgiving mashup of the 2015 smash hits is an absolute delight to watch.


The Holderness family—who gave us the popular "Xmas Jammies" 9 years ago—are well-known for their goofy videos. Kim and Penn Holderness along with their two kids, Lola and Penn Charles, make chucklesome parody mashups of top hits for the holidays and also comical videos of everyday issues in a family. Post their first viral video in 2013, they have created several mashups like "Baby Got Class," "In Da Tub," "Shoes Yourself," "It's Such A Pain Learning Algebra," "Come on Vaccine" and so on. Every one of these videos is a parody of some chart-topper and is sure to lift our moods with its relevance to real life. Especially the Thanksgiving mashup is here to help us rejoice amidst the holiday stress.

The mashup begins with a parody of Silento's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" with Kim sipping her "Chardonnay-nay" because she's been cooking since 4.30 in the morning. The goofy visuals depict the mountain of tasks to be done on the holiday like basting the turkey, cooking oodles of dishes, dealing with family drama at the dinner table and handling the little picky eaters who want only desserts. You can't help but dance to Penn's quirky remix of Drake's "Hotline Bling" where he vents about having to pay attention to boring in-laws. Also, Adele's "Hello" was made into a humorous rant of how the mom's feelings were hurt as the kids never cared about the yams, green beans, pie or turkey she spent all night making but instead wanted just a "Jello on the other side."



Image Source: YouTube | @JowAngel4
Image Source: YouTube | @JowAngel4


Image Source: YouTube | @gibsona70
Image Source: YouTube | @gibsona70

A highlight of the Holderness family music video this time was that fans from all over the world chimed in with their videos dancing to this mashup. People were all love for this family's hilarious mashups and the video has gained over 3 million views so far. @kimm commented, "That moment at 3:11 where the laughter turns to a quiet whimper, I totally lost it. Been there so many times. LOVE this video. You guys just keep on capturing the magic that is real family life, I LOVE it." @531klm wrote, "What a great video! Even though it's just me and my daughter, and I will be working all day, we still make time to set out the good china and crystal and truly celebrate everything we're thankful for. We love your family's videos. Chardon-nay-nay is going to definitely be on my list this year!" 

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