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Family with three boys surprises daughter-in-law with dream vanity she's always wanted

The surprise was a vanity with a sunflower theme. As the daughter-in-law stood in front of the vanity, she couldn't stop tearing up.

Family with three boys surprises daughter-in-law with dream vanity she's always wanted
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @loveserenity_4

Marriage is a lifetime commitment not only to the person one is marrying but also to their family. It becomes a cherry on top when your partner's family treats you like their own, supports you and accepts you. One such sweet moment was posted by a woman named Cat (@loveserenity_4) on her TikTok account. It documented an adorable moment between her and her husband's family in which they surprised her with a gift that made her emotional. The video clip was captioned, "A Christmas memory I'll never forget," and gained 1.5 million views. 


In the video, she is seen standing in what appears to be a garage, surrounded by her husband's family, who make sure to cover Cat's eyes so she doesn't see the surprise gift. In the text overlay on the video, she wrote, "I married into a family with three boys. My husband said that his family was excited they finally had a daughter to spoil..."

She explained that she had always wanted her own vanity set since she was a little girl. She is seen bursting into tears and feeling shocked as she sees her gift. "Not only did they get us a TV for our new apartment, but they all came together and made me a sunflower vanity set," the text reads.

Image Source: TikTok | @loveserenity_4
Image Source: TikTok | @loveserenity_4

"They saw it meant a lot to me," she continued as she hugged her husband and sat in front of the vanity wiping her tears. "It was everything I wanted and more." She pointed out that her husband's family will never understand how incredible such a gift was, as it was something she wished for as a child. Many people in the comments were moved by Cat's in-laws' kind gesture.

"And that's how you treat a daughter-in-law!" commented @brookej235. "I don’t know you but I can tell by your reaction that also deeply healed something in you," wrote @the.mythicalest. "You are very blessed to have such incredibly thoughtful people as your in-laws. You deserve it!" praised @Caits_4. Some people hope they'll receive love from their future families that they might not have received from their own. This video maintains that hope. 

Image Source: TikTok | @loveserenity_4
Image Source: TikTok | @loveserenity_4

Any thoughtful gift is worth shedding a warm tear but some gifts are a little too precious since they either remind us of something we've always wanted as a child or something that gave us a lot of comfort growing up. One wife made sure she reunited her husband with his old soft toy that used to bring him comfort in foster care as a child. It was a stuffed dog toy that got him surprised. The text overlay on the video reads, "You help your husband heal his inner child by tracking down the one item that brought him comfort in foster care." In the clip, he keeps asking her, "How did you find it? How?" even as he is unable to take his eyes off the toy.

Image Source: Reddit/ u/PurestofBread
Image Source: Reddit/ u/PurestofBread

According to the theory of pediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott, when children become attached to something, it is more than just comfort. It eventually broadens the child's imagination and creativity, as per a report by The Guardian.

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