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Family pulls off hilarious prank and recites 'Pledge of Allegiance' before niece's new boyfriend

They recited the pledge with their hands on their chests and made the boyfriend join in.

Family pulls off hilarious prank and recites 'Pledge of Allegiance' before niece's new boyfriend
Image Source: TikTok | @kiarra.hillman

Pranks and jokes among loved ones are extremely special moments that we cherish forever. They keep everyone in a great mood and allow friends and family to create precious memories. A family decided to play a hilarious wholesome prank on their niece's new boyfriend and successfully pulled it off. TikTok user Kiarra Hillman expressed her curiosity about whether they would meet him again after the incident. The family creatively spooked the boyfriend during their first meeting, managing to strike a balance between humor and respectfulness with their patriotic practical joke. It's worth noting that while some pranks may be unpleasant or manipulative, this one was not.

Image Source: TikTok/
Image Source: TikTok | @kiarra.hillman


The video was posted on the video-sharing platform with the text inlay that reads, "Our niece brought over a new guy, so of course we had to mess with him [and] pretend we say the pledge of allegiance before dinner." The family assembled around several foldable tables and then stood up to recite the Pledge of Allegiance while placing their hands on their chests, thereby obliging the new boyfriend to participate. Following the pledge, the family sat down and acted as if nothing unusual had occurred. Hillman's niece, on the other hand, sat with her head in her hands, feeling embarrassed. Although the boyfriend attempted to be a good sport, he appeared utterly perplexed. 

Image Source: TikTok/@kiarra.hillman
Image Source: TikTok/@kiarra.hillman


We have no idea whether the boyfriend loved it or not but the entire social media platform found every second of this prank really fun. TikTok user @creationsbyeve said, "He’s like they definitely participate in the purge here." Another person @wendyc67leo said, "The sad thing is that he thinks this is a foreign thing. When I was a little kid this was absolutely normal in school." TikTok user @lifewithlacyloulou admitted, "I’m so doing this if I ever take another boy around my fam." The prank brought smiles to several faces and even gave some ideas to people thinking of doing the same. 

In another similar incident, Courtney Winters, a TikTok user, and her family were given a simple task when Kylie, Courtney's sister, brought her new boyfriend Joe over for the first time. She told them, "Don't act weird." However, in May, Courtney shared a video where she disclosed that her family did the opposite and surprised the couple with a hilarious prank, causing them to be not just weird, but extremely weird.


In the video, seven members of Kylie's family are seen waiting outside on the lawn with their arms crossed. As the couple's car arrives, the family maintains their position until the young couple exits the vehicle and approaches them. At this point, the family forms a structure reminiscent of "London Bridge Falling Down," through which Kylie's boyfriend awkwardly walks until he reaches her father.

Kylie then follows suit, passing through the hand tunnel while appearing embarrassed by her family's playful behavior. Her mom told GMA, "My youngest daughter was bringing her boyfriend over for the first time, and she had told me a couple [of] days ago: 'Mom don't be weird.' That day, when everyone was gathering, she went to pick her boyfriend up, and I said to everyone, she said, 'Don't be weird,' so then the ideas started flying." 

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