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Family and friends shave their heads to support woman who just started breast cancer treatment

The video shows them getting their heads shaved one after another before she got her head shaved.

Family and friends shave their heads to support woman who just started breast cancer treatment
Image Source: TikTok/shee_browsandlashes

Cancer is extremely hard to deal with as it comes with a myriad of complications, treatments and mental impacts. However, having a strong support system can help you navigate the harsh treatments and their side effects. So, when a loved one was diagnosed with breast cancer, an entire family and her friends decided to shave their heads in solidarity. In a video posted by @shee_browsandlashes on TikTok, the entire family, including kids, can be seen getting their heads shaven at a barber shop. They all have a smile on their face as they sit in the chair one after another to show support for breast cancer awareness. 

Image Source: TikTok/shee_browsandlashes
Image Source: TikTok/shee_browsandlashes


In the end, each one of them goes and hugs the woman they are doing it for. This absolute symbol of support and solidarity is clearly tearjerking and has gathered over 4 million views on TikTok and almost a million likes. The video has the background music of Rise Up by Andra Day, which seems perfect for the moment. Several people joined in the comments to share their own stories and applaud the family for supporting the woman in the best way possible.

A TikTok user, Terri Katharyn, commented, "I always told my mama that I would do this with her & she wouldn’t let me. Now it’s been almost 4 mo without her and I miss her every day." Another user, Avaguciardo, added, "This is so genuine and you can tell how much they care for each other love to see it." User @ooohwelpitbelikethat, said, "I cried right away! Prayers to you and your family. This is very beautiful stay strong." Hairstylist Tuesdee Lynch, commented, "Hairstylists carry some serious weight. 20 years in the game and my clients' situations will still keep me up at night."


The second part of the video reveals that all of her family and friends shaved their heads before the woman. She obviously felt more comfortable shaving her hair after witnessing the lengths her family could go to support her. The second part shows her getting her head shaven and hugging all her family members as they all get ready for the long battle ahead. Whatever happens, the constant support and love will keep her going as one TikTok user, Monica Castaneda, said, "God bless you mamas!! You got this!! I know how you feel I lost my hair to brain cancer and I’m still fighting because we are fighters."



Another user, Annette, shared, "This was amazing! Both women look beautiful with short hair. I lost all mine to chemo and I been rocking the short hair as it grows out. no wigs." Gonzalez Daniel8495 commented, "Sending lots of love and prayer all the way from Texas you guys are such a wonderful amazing family and she will fight right through this part of life." TikTok user, Tara Rybski, said, "You are absolutely stunning in every way! Hold this moment close so even on your difficult days you will feel the love and support of all!" The second TikTok video has gathered 250k views and over 56k likes on the video-sharing platform. 

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