25 times families showed how much they love and support their LGBTQ+ kids and grandkids

A recent survey revealed that LGBTQ+ youngsters who are surrounded by a loving and supportive family and community report significantly lower rates of attempting suicide.

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A  2022 survey from The Trevor Project, the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ+ youth, found that 45% of LGBTQ+ youth (between the ages of 13 and 24 from across the United States) seriously considered suicide in the past year. The survey also revealed that LGBTQ+ youngsters who are surrounded by a loving and supportive family and community report significantly lower rates of attempting suicide, proving exactly how impactful a loved one's acceptance can be.



If numbers aren't enough to drive this point home, here are 25 instances of families accepting their kids and grandkids for who they are. These wholesome posts and photographs speak for themselves:


1. "My transgender son was nervous about telling our extended family. His grandparents picked us up from the airport with his chosen name on their shirts."

Image Source: Reddit/littletanmouse

2. "My dad, who 7 years prior put me in gay conversion therapy, helping with my bow tie moments before officiating my wedding to my beautiful wife."

Image Source: Reddit/SoDamnUnoriginal




4. "Grandpa supporting LGBTQ+"

Image Source: Reddit/rohit_sai1289



6. "My uncle and grandma on their way to a pride parade in the '80s."

Image Source: Reddit/kleptomaniacal-drunk


7. "I brought my boyfriend to my sister's wedding, introducing him to my very Evangelical family and my grandma loved him."

Image Source: Reddit/eisman19



9. "My stepdad cracks me up, but yay for coming out!"

Image Source: Reddit/everestjenkins


10. "Just came out to my grandma, she's the best."

Image Source: Reddit/noaHhdq

11. "I came out when I was 14 (now 35) and to say my parents weren't thrilled is a complete understatement. But last night, 21 years later, I saw this little ornament on their tree and I really can't believe how far they've both come as humans."

Image Source: Reddit/macthesnackattack




13. "My teenage daughter running towards her tribe. It is Pride and I am proud."

Image Source: Reddit/Banff

14. "After I came out my mom wanted to not only show her support to me but the entire community!"

Image Source: Reddit/BoxM0nster




16. "My mom sent me this picture of her in a new shirt she found and bought herself. She grew up dirt poor in the South surrounded by ignorance and still surprises me every day with her ability to learn and grow and love. She's my hero."

Image Source: Reddit/shrekdaddy666

17. "My Oma (grandmother) made me this quilt for my graduation. She thought the rainbows would be good because I'm gay. My grandparents are new to this whole gay thing but they are doing their best."

Image Source: Reddit/AbbyClaw

18. "This post my mom made on my birthday a few years ago still makes me cry."

Image Source: Reddit/carter_swank10


19. "Look at my mom and dog showing their PRIDE for me!! My parents used to be against homosexuality because of their religion but they accepted me and have continued to support me!"

Image Source: Reddit/lklpi

20. "It's not much, but my mom got me a pride narwhal after I came out."

Image Source: Reddit/AubreyShark

21. "My dad thought he’d given me the perfect gift at an early x-mas gathering."

Image Source: Reddit/kawaiichristian


22. "My grandma is 83 and lives in rural Florida where she is surrounded by anti-gay, right-wingers. She just had her two front benches repainted in support of her three LGBTQ grandchildren."

Image Source: Reddit/wilburwhereareyou

23. "Nothing more wholesome than loving and supportive parents."

Image Source: Reddit/BigginthePants

24. "Came out to my parents. It went better than I expected."

Image Source: Reddit/MARKITHSUCCITH




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