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Expert shares how anyone can save money during their hotel stays with a simple laundry hack

Everyone wants to save a little money after spending a hefty sum on hotel stays and this expert is showing us how.

Expert shares how anyone can save money during their hotel stays with a simple laundry hack
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @lorafied

Are you staying at a posh hotel where you want to save some extra bucks on the laundry service by not taking it? But who wants to wash heaps of dirty clothes while enjoying a hotel stay during a vacation? Famous lifestyle content creator Lora McLaughlin Peterson—who goes by @lorafied on Instagram—has found the seemingly perfect solution for this problem. "Have you ever looked at the laundry slip at a hotel?" the caption alongside the video read. "The prices are outrageous! But what can you do if you're stuck and need a few pieces washed before you get home? Here's the answer! Along with hacks for dealing with bed bugs and peepholes and making sure your hotel door is secure."

Image Source: Instagram | @lorafied
Image Source: Instagram | @lorafied

In this popular video, Peterson not only gives people some smart tips on making their hotel stay extra comfortable but also introduces a product that can make doing your laundry fun and free of cost. "Tip one, avoid hotel laundry bills," she advises at the beginning of the video because in the kind of hotel she stays, the laundry charges 5 bucks for one pair of underwear. Then, she brings out a portable washing bag and demonstrates how it works. There are tiny scrubbers inside of the portable laundry bag that function as an old-fashioned washboard.

Now, all you have to do is pour some water into the bag and drop the laundry soap sheet and undergarments. Then you can knead the bag all you want and the water does not spill out until you open a particular latch on it. Peterson also shows her viewers how she carries a clothing line to dry her clothes and it has suction cups on each end so it can be attached anywhere, including in your shower. The expert also tells people to carry a bed bug spray and use it all around and over the bed to ensure those nasty creatures don't disrupt your sleep.

Image Source: Instagram | @lorafied
Image Source: Instagram | @lorafied

Peterson adds another small hack that involves the peephole on the hotel room doors and a band-aid. If you are worried about your privacy and want to stay extra secure during your hotel stays, all you need is a band-aid plastered over the peephole. That way, there is no chance of anyone looking inside the room sneakily. She suggests travelers carry a portable door lock at all times. Just in case someone tries to unlock the door from the outside, the portable lock provides extra security on the door handle, which can't be easily undone from the outside by some intruder.

The Instagram community who came across this video were interested in buying the laundry bag and many people asked Peterson to share the link so they can use it as well. @shannonmere wrote, "We just bought a used travel trailer that doesn't have washer and dryer hookups. So the laundry items would work great in this space." @jillcomesclean commented, "Okay, that bag actually looks like hand washing could be fun, haha. And a bandaid over the peephole?!! So simple and smart!" @catboyms wondered, "Curious. Do you need a bag to wash your underpants? Maybe for some things, but by the time you get that bag all prepared to wash, you could have washed and rinsed your small items!" @justasouthernmess noted, "I'd like to add wash the remote control!!! It's the nastiest thing in the hotel."

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