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Expert reveals the underlying cause of change in family dynamics due to mobile overconsumption

Dr. John Delony shares his input on how the overuse of mobiles is an underlying issue that parents need to address.

Expert reveals the underlying cause of change in family dynamics due to mobile overconsumption
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @greatness

With the world adapting to technology, mobile phones have become a crucial instrument in the daily lives of every individual. Right from work, school and even communication, mobile phones are constantly buzzing and have become an integral part of every family. However, the same has caused distances between physical and in-person relationships. People are tied down to their phones and as a result, family time has lost its essence. While it is emerging as an issue of concern, Dr. John Delony, a mental health expert–who goes on Instagram by @johndelony–weighed in on what an underlying cause may be.

Image Source: Instagram/@greatness
Image Source: Instagram | @greatness

Sharing his insights on the “School of Greatness” podcast, the expert explained why the use of mobiles and the struggle it causes for families is not so much the real cause of the issue. He explained that there is another concerning point that may be covered by the excessive use of mobiles. The caption of the video reads, “Mental health expert @johndelony on the deeper conversation behind the device conversation.” Chatting with the host, Dr. Delony was asked, “How have you seen the struggle of parents and kids with the use of devices? What have you seen to be the biggest struggle concerning family dynamics and parents and kids on-screen so much?” 

Image Source: Instagram/@greatness
Image Source: Instagram/@greatness

Adding his invaluable approach to the question, the expert said, “I think the device conversation is become a distraction,” hinting that there is more to what people believe to be simply a technology overconsumption issue. The host then asked a crucial question, “What’s the real conversation?” Pointing out the same, Dr. Delony said, “Kids absorb tension in their homes.” While elaborating on the matter, the expert shared how mobiles and devices are used as a distraction from various realities.

Image Source: Instagram/@greatness
Image Source: Instagram | @greatness

“Kids understand when mom and dad would rather scroll than talk to them. They would rather stare at their phones in the Little League games cheering them on,” added Dr. Delony. The expert is known for his input on various topics regarding mental health. He also pitches in with parenting tips and realities many parents fail to highlight. Weighing in further, he said, “A connected parent will win almost every time, but kids know when you’d rather be doing something else.” Dr. Delony put across the need to be connected with one’s child and change the prevalent ignorant family dynamics.

Image Source: Instagram/@greatness
Image Source: Instagram | @greatness

He highlighted through his words that the use of devices at home is a distraction, which eventually creates a hurdle for parents in maintaining a better relationship with their kids. While it may create a disconnection between children and parents, it will also become the root cause of burying a better parent-child relationship.

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While talking about the parent-child relationship, actor Ryan Reynolds recently shed light on why being present and talking to children matters at the apex of parenting. The actor who is raising three daughters and recently welcomed a new baby with wife, Blake Lively, stressed the need to focus on mental health for both parents and children.


In a Bring Change To Mind event, Reynolds shared how spending time with his daughters is what he loves the most about his day. He also spoke about how he tells his children everything. According to PEOPLE, the actor revealed, “I think it’s more about talking to them about everything. It’s genuine when I say I take a huge interest in their days and how things are going.” Being present and actively participating in your child’s life is the most crucial aspect every parent should live by. That is the foundation of creating a healthy family dynamic.

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