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Ex-NFL star's son accidentally posts photo of dad naked in shower in hilarious parenting fail

The former NFL player wanted to keep his son occupied and handed him his phone so he could take a quick shower.

Ex-NFL star's son accidentally posts photo of dad naked in shower in hilarious parenting fail
Image source: Getty Images for CMT | Photo by Jason Kempin Right: Instagram/ericdecker

Keeping kids occupied while going about one's daily routine is a challenge for any parent. Phones have become a cheat code to keep kids out of your hair for a bit. Kids love to play games on phones, swipe through the photo gallery and more. Former NFL player Eric Decker didn't think much of it when he handed his son the phone as a way to keep him occupied while he took a quick shower. Little did he know that his 4-year-old son, Forrest, would end up posting a picture of his dad taking a shower on the 35-year-old's Instagram page for all his followers to see, reported PEOPLE. The hilarious picture went viral immediately before Decker could get his hands on the phone and delete the image. 



Decker apparently handed the phone to his son Forrest so he could watch Avengers videos and stay occupied as he took a quick shower. Forrest appears to have clicked a selfie and must have had eyes only for himself because in the background was a naked Decker taking a shower. Forrest was all smiles as he took the selfie. Little did he realize that his Dad was baring his buttocks in the shower behind him. The image had gotten 888 likes before it was deleted. It was a friend who first spotted the message and alerted Decker's wife, Jessie James Decker. "No I can't stop laughing, Jessie. I can't," the friend texted Jessie. "I am not even sure if you know he has his phone but if you don't know, go grab." Jessie was shocked but found it hilarious. "Omg," replied Jessie. Decker and Jessie are also parents to son Eric Thomas, 8, and daughter Vivianne Rose, 6. 



Decker took down the post and posted a hilarious message to his followers, who caught a glimpse of his sculpted body. "Time to change the code. So much for letting Forrest watch his Avengers videos during my shower," wrote Decker, accompanied by a cringing emoji. Decker and Jessie have been together for nine years now and recently celebrated their anniversary. Decker posted a picture of him with his wife at the beach and paid tribute to her. "Happy Anniversary Mi Amor❤," he wrote. "I love this life with you! So many adventures and beautiful memories we have created together. You have stood by my side through the good and the bad. You are my lover, best friend, and soulmate! 9 years down and a lifetime to go 🥰😜 Cheers to us," he wrote.



Ending up naked on your phone was a pretty routine news article during the pandemic, given how everyone was working from home. One parent accidentally flashed her daughter's class being conducted virtually. Ashley Foret Smith, a mom of three from Jacksonville, Florida, posted a video of herself covering up and having a good laugh, reported New York Post. “I watch all of these videos of people on the internet and I don’t believe it,” she said in a video on Facebook, bursting into laughter. “And then it just happened to me.” Foret Smith said she had set up work zones for each of her children so they could continue with their classes from their home, before heading for a bath. After finishing her shower, she hopped into her bedroom sans her towel only to realize that her 7-year-old had moved to the master bedroom. “Uh-oh,” one of her daughter's classmates said, according to Foret Smith. “We should hang up. We might be in trouble.” Foret Smith had a laugh about it.


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