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Adopted girl makes same heartbreaking b'day wish every year and it'll melt your heart

Being a foster child, it has been difficult for her to come to terms with the fact that she has a forever home.

Adopted girl makes same heartbreaking b'day wish every year and it'll melt your heart
Image Source: Reddit | AmandaKathleen

Adoption is a beautiful gift that any child can hope for. While several children are still struggling in the foster care system, the lucky ones have found the happy families they have always wanted. However, the uncertainty doesn't go away easily even when they are finally in the care of a loving and supporting family. This was displayed by an adorable video posted by u/AmandaKathleen on Reddit with the caption, "No matter how much we tell her she isn’t leaving. It is her birthday wish each year. She has a heart of gold."

Image Source: Reddit/Amanda Kathleen
Image Source: Reddit/Amanda Kathleen


The video shows a little girl sitting in front of her birthday cake. She makes a wish and blows out her birthday candles and immediately says to her adoptive mother, "Want to know what I wished for?" The mother replies, "Sure," and the little girl goes ahead to reveal her birthday wish. She says, "I wish to stay with this family forever," with absolute love and happiness in her eyes. The text inlay in the video reads, "Our adopted foster daughter continues to use her birthday wish each year for her own reassurance." Even though the family promises that they are not going anywhere, she still wants to reassure herself that the time with her current family doesn't end. 

This beautiful video moved many people to tears and some even shared their own adoption stories. Reddit user u/SecretaryTypical commented, "I was adopted when I was 10 and my dad always used the expression 'what am I gonna do with you' jokingly, to which I would respond 'keep me.' One day he asked me why I said that and that hopefully, I know that sending me back was never going to happen. I never said it again."

Image Source: Reddit/Amanda Kathleen
Image Source: Reddit/Amanda Kathleen

Amanda replied to this comment by saying, "I look forward to the day when she makes her birthday wish solely for herself and something dear to her heart. One that is no longer wishing to stay forever. A wish made on top of a confident girl that knows she belongs with us. All we can do for now in the meantime is keep reassuring and loving her!" Another user said, "Thank you for loving her. Children deserve all the love in the world."

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok


u/macmanfan said, "She is precious beyond words and you are so awesome for being her forever family. I am fighting back tears." The video was also posted on TikTok by Amanda where it has gathered over 1.1 million views. TikTok user @lucky2loveh commented, "She probably keeps wishing for it bc no reassurance was given that she doesn’t need to. I was waiting to hear it. I’m certain she is too." Another parent @pepsimommi said, "My daughter has been adopted for 14 years and she still wishes that. It’s their biggest fear." 

@lisajean73 commented, "What a sweet little girl. It looks like she completes your family. You’re all lucky to have each other." Many asked Amanda why she calls her child a foster daughter if she is adopted and Amanda replied, "We introduce her as our daughter but she is our foster, then adopted daughter and that’s her story and trauma. It doesn’t just go away." 


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