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Etiquette expert tells women how to eat a burger 'elegantly', sparks fierce debate

She claimed the right way is to first cut the burger in two halves and then proceed to eat small-sized pieces.

Etiquette expert tells women how to eat a burger 'elegantly', sparks fierce debate
Tiktok | antoniahigham

In today's world, people prefer to live life on their own terms. They hate it when they are told to do a certain thing in a particular way. Recently, a Tiktok user and etiquette expert @antoniahigham created a video in which she was telling the ladies how to eat a burger "elegantly" and was later slammed for her comments. The video starts with the caption, "Elegant ladies never eat a burger like this..." Then she picks up the burger and pretends to put it in her mouth. The in-lay text reads, "Do not pick it up and shove it in your mouth." As she goes on, she says not to pick it apart or dunk it in the sauce and eat. Later, she shows the correct way in which she first cuts the burger in two halves and then proceeds to have small-sized pieces.


However, many people on Tiktok didn't really agree with Antonia. @bibibye53 commented, "I refuse to eat a burger cut up in pieces like I’m a child." @mimiamber12 wrote, "just eat it the way you want. No need to be elegant when it comes to eating a burger." @lachikiii8 commented, "Don't trust someone who eats their burger with utensils 😂 😂 just kidding but I need my fingers!!!" @kelkels1985 wrote, "I don’t give a damn who I’m eating with… but if I order a burger I’m eating it w my hands!" @sweetgeogia76 commented, "Okay this one I’m gonna have to disagree with I don’t think it would taste the same 😆"

A few users did appreciate Antonia's style of eating the burger. @user4846378477939 commented, "This is fantastic- then you don’t get any drippings on your clothes, takes longer to eat so you fill up faster, and your hands are clean ❤️" @claudiaa_mariaaaa commented, "I've always cut mine in half but never in pieces. I will do this from now on!"

Tiktok | @antoniahigham
Tiktok | @antoniahigham

Moreover, Antonia also created videos on elegant ladies who never eat pizza, soup, sandwiches, or drink tea, like this. Talking about elegance, in another story, a model Oksana Kononets who escaped from Ukraine to America at the beginning of the war, took part in a fashion show in Los Angeles last year. She's disabled and was featured in the annual fashion show hosted by Runway of Dreams, a non-profit that supports adaptive clothing for persons with disabilities.  

Tiktok | @antoniahigham
Tiktok | @antoniahigham

Kononets was left paralyzed after she fell from the 5th floor, which led to an injury to her spine. She did not let her disability hold her back from fulfilling her dreams and went on to become a model. She worked on projects which raised awareness about people with disabilities. Kononets wrote on her website, "I refused to let my disability stop me and stubbornly pushed on. Through months of rehabilitation, I learned to adapt myself in many ways. It was then, that I realized that I am a complete and self-sufficient person; which gave me the strength to move on. My disability is not an obstacle to fulfilling my dreams."

Tiktok | @antoniahigham
Tiktok | @antoniahigham


The Los Angeles show not only helped her to raise awareness about people with disabilities but also the war. She wore a yellow and blue dress reflecting the flag of Ukraine. "I was very proud," she told PEOPLE. "I came here, it was a very great moment for me." 


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