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Entitled neighbor’s hilariously outrageous wifi request has left everyone speechless

This adorable neighbor's hilarious request left not only the man but thousands of others baffled and bawling in laughter.

Entitled neighbor’s hilariously outrageous wifi request has left everyone speechless
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @AC_Black_

No matter the area one lives in, there are always a variety of neighbors who add quite a flavor to living. @AC_Black_ shared a video on Twitter of his adorable yet witty neighbor who had the most hilarious and shocking conversation with him and it has heads turned and eyes teared up with laughter. The aged neighbor came to the man’s doorstep with a rather strange request and the man had no idea how to respond. “I live next door, I’ve got problems with the wifi,” the neighbor said. Confused about the reason for his visit, the man asked how he could have possibly been of help.

Image Source: Twitter| @AC_Black_
Image Source: Twitter | @AC_Black_

“Well, it’s your wifi isn’t it?” the neighbor said in the most casual tone. Still unable to comprehend the reason for the neighbor's visit, the man asked, “You’ve got problems with my wifi?” To this, the neighbor again said carefree, “I’ve got problems with your wifi, you’ve put a password on it.” As the neighbor let out a chuckle, the man, still doubtful, continued to request clarification and that’s when the neighbor came clean. “Look, how long have I been here now? I’ve been here 2 years and I’ve happily used your wifi. Now you’ve put a password on it and I can’t use it,” he remarked.

Image Source: Twitter| @AC_Black_
Image Source: Twitter| @AC_Black_

“I think you’re being unreasonable,” the neighbor added. The man was at a loss for words and tried to figure out how to take the conversation forward. The aged neighbor innocently repeated himself and explained the situation yet again. “I’ll tell you what, you let me have the password and that’ll be the end of the problem,” he added. The man slowly trying to recover from the shock asked, “You’ve been using my wifi?” To this, the neighbor summoned his patience and casually said, “I don’t know how much of your wifi it is. I mean, it’s a signal.” The neighbor further made a strong case for himself explaining that the man’s wifi signal went beyond the walls of his home and so it was “public property.”

Image Source: Twitter| @AC_Black_
Image Source: Twitter | @AC_Black_

“You can simply remove your password, it’s pretty easy,” the neighbor said, trying to convince the man who was still trying hard to find a response. “The thing is, I‘m paying for it,” the man said, trying to explain himself as best as he could. He pointed out that his broadband recommended adding a password due to the low connectivity. However, the neighbor was adamant that he was being unreasonable. “My wifi was slow because someone else was using it and coincidentally, it was you who was using it,” the man explained. “Well, it was probably me,” the neighbor said, understanding the issue.


“I don’t mind how slow the wifi outside the walls of your house runs,” the neighbor said. The man persisted in explaining that it was still his wifi. “If you’ve got a lot of work to do you can let me know that you’re using it so that you know, it doesn’t interfere with the downloading,” the neighbor said, in the most hilariously adorable way. “You keep the wifi in your house, close the windows and seal up the letterbox and anything that comes out is public,” the neighbor suggested. While the video ended there, the amusing banter sure continued for a while. Commenters were in disbelief at the hilarious conversation and the casual approach the neighbor had. @USSGoodGirl said, “He knows he’s wrong for that.”  @firenslice_1 said, “This is hilarious, thank you for making me laugh out loud.”




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