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Entitled neighbor with five cars keeps parking in single mom's driveway, she gets his car towed

Everyone in the neighborhood complained about the new truck that the family had brought despite already having four cars.

Entitled neighbor with five cars keeps parking in single mom's driveway, she gets his car towed
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Editor's note: This article was originally published on April 1, 2022. It has since been updated.

Bad neighbors can make your life a living hell, and one woman who encountered one such family turned the tables on them. The single mother took to Reddit to share how her seemingly nice neighbors started intruding into her private compound and parking their truck on her lawn, despite her explicitly denying them permission to do so. She was left being blocked by their huge truck until she decided to take matters into her own hands and got it towed. The mom of two teenage boys titled the post, "Neighbor kept parking on my property — so I had him towed." 

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She lived at the end of a cul-de-sac in the quiet neighborhood. "Every house on this street has a garage and I’m the only one that has a single car and parks in my garage. Almost every house on this street is a family home with at least 3 cars, but most have more. Some will park in their driveway and some will park on the street," she wrote. "It’s never been a problem since everyone is considerate on how they park." 

However, matters would soon escalate. A new family of a dad, mom, and 3 teenagers moved in next door. She was kind and welcoming to them. They used their garage for storage and had 4 cars in their driveway. One of their teenagers turned 16 and his parents bought him a massive truck — an F350. After having already bought the truck and created a parking issue, their neighbor approached the single mother about parking in her driveway. "We have been having complaints from some of the other neighbors that his truck is so big that they can’t get around it," the man told her and she replied, "Yeah, I’ve had some intense moments trying to get around it myself."

He then asked if the truck could be parked in her driveway. She was left stunned. "Um, I do use my driveway when I leave and come home. I can’t get to my garage without using my driveway," she told him. "I’m sorry, but the answer is no," she told him. "You are not being very neighborly. I thought you were a nice woman. You don’t use your driveway and this would benefit the whole neighborhood," said the man who had just bought his fifth vehicle and wanted to take up space in the property of a woman who had a single car. "I saw him give me the bird before he turned to leave," she wrote.



She felt incredulous that he even had the audacity to ask for parking space in her property, and her co-workers advised her to notify the HOA (A homeowner's association). She did as told and got it on record. One day, her youngest kid was not doing so well, and he was running a fever. She decided to take him to the hospital but was stunned to see the neighbor's truck in her driveway and blocking her way out. She was furious. "I opened my garage door and I was absolutely shocked to see that very big F350 sitting in my driveway – BLOCKING me! I can’t describe to you how angry I was to see that vehicle sitting there," she wrote.



She banged on the neighbor's door and told the man's wife, "Your son is parked in my driveway after I told your husband he couldn’t. You need to move that truck or I’m going to call the police AND a tow truck! I need to get my son in to see a doctor!" she said. He argued that the truck wasn't blocking her car. "It doesn’t matter whether you believe he is blocking me in or not. No one is allowed to park in my driveway, I’m going to have it towed!" she told him in no uncertain terms. Their son moved the truck but not without abusing her. "I heard him call me that famous “B” word every woman has heard at least once in her life! I ignored him."



While she waited at the minor emergency with her son, she shot another email to the HOA updating them on the latest development. A few days later, her eldest son was experiencing a sore throat and took him to the hospital. But, when she reached home at midnight, the truck was once again parked in her driveway and on her lawn. "I am exhausted and when I rounded the corner and saw that truck sitting in my driveway. I couldn’t even pull in because he was blocking me and I also noticed that he was parked partially on my lawn. I was so mad I could hardly see straight," she wrote. She decided to take matters into her own hands. "I googled and found a 24-hour tow truck service and explained that I had an unauthorized vehicle on my property that I needed towing," she wrote and was told the tow truck would be there in 30 minutes. 

She walked her kid into her home, before taking pictures of the truck from the street and in her driveway, covering her lawn as well. "It was about 12:30 AM when the tow truck arrived and the driver left with the truck without incident. I went in, shot off another email to my HOA along with pictures and an explanation that I had towed the vehicle, and then went to bed."



She woke up to a loud banging on her door at 6 am. She knew what this was about. She recorded the whole interaction. "Where is the truck?!!!" yelled the neighbor. "It was towed. You can call Such and Such Company to make arrangements to get it back," she calmly told him. "You didn’t have the right to tow it. You’re going to pay to get it back!" he screamed. "You stole my truck “you f’n B” and I’m calling the police. I’m going to sue you!" He did call the police but she had all the emails sent to the HOA and photographic proof of their truck on her patch ready. He asked if he could a printout of the same and she got them for him. "Would you like to file a trespassing report for this incident?" he asked. "Oh, absolutely," she replied. And just like that, she turned the tables on her neighbors. 

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