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Entire soccer team taking off their jackets to protect kids from rain is a lesson in chivalry

The New York Red Bulls didn't just win with goals in their match but also won hearts with the most wholesome gesture.

Entire soccer team taking off their jackets to protect kids from rain is a lesson in chivalry
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @newyorkredbulls

There is no boundary for kindness. No matter how big or small one is, everyone is equally deserving of kindness and care. New York’s Red Bulls Football team went out of their way to show the most heartwarming gesture on the field before kickoff. The team had a match against Inter Miami at the Red Bull Arena and the entire team brought their chivalry out on the field. The team shared a video on Instagram that went viral and won everyone's hearts on the internet.

Image Source: Instagram|@newyorkredbulls
Image Source: Instagram | @newyorkredbulls

As per the tradition, the 11 players were joined by 11 kids on the field before kickoff at the beginning of the game. The kids were to stay with the players throughout the introductory process. Unfortunately, the Red Bull Arena was wet due to the rain that didn’t even stop for the match. Each kid stood with their respective players while getting wet in the rain. This is when the New York Red Bulls spontaneously decided to do something heartwarming.

Image Source: Instagram|@newyorkredbulls
Image Source: Instagram | @newyorkredbulls

Starting with Dante Venzeir, all the players immediately followed in a kindness frenzy. Dante Venzeir took off his jacket and covered the kid in front of him. This act was generously followed by Morgan and the rest of the players till ultimately the entire team gave their jackets to the kids to keep them dry. The kids, all getting excited one by one couldn’t contain their smiles on having an athlete comfort and gently put their jackets over. It was a domino effect starting with Dante Venzeir and how beautiful it looked seeing one player learn from the other and immediately deliver.

Image Source: Instagram|@newyorkredbulls
Image Source: Instagram | @newyorkredbulls

While the team bagged a win by scoring goals during the match, they already won the hearts of the spectators. “Red runs deep,” the text on the video read towards the end and undoubtedly, the team showed a spirit of unity and selflessness that will be remembered and encouraged throughout. People were praising the players for their endearing act. @wjtorress5 said, “I am not a Red Bull fan. But my respect to the Red Bulls for doing this.”

@lanasrealny said, “I am the mom of one of the kids that was standing there. You showed what true New Yorkers are about. What a wonderful gesture. I am very grateful to you and of course, it came back to you.” @ew_ej_umma said, “The kids’ reactions tho. This is something they will remember for life.” @erica.daniela said, “You just found a new fan, concerning this team, especially the man that got it started.” @rengkuamaya said, ”This is more than a team, it's a Family!!! Let's go, Red Bulls!”

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