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Entire barbershop breaks into a song to calm down young boy during his first hair cut

When people saw that the child was crying during this first experience, they did everything to calm him down.

Entire barbershop breaks into a song to calm down young boy during his first hair cut
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @shop.barberclassic

Traveling with children, especially infants and toddlers is not for the weak. The tantrums, discomfort, fear and many emotions come to play when you least expect it. It is often a task to calm kids down especially when they’re traveling or at a new place. Sometimes, it takes more than one person to help with children, sometimes it takes possibly everyone in the room. This is similar to what Dan Wuori, was trying to convey in his post. He took to Twitter to write about one of the experiences he had on a flight to highlight the importance of understanding child behavior and tackling it in a better way.

Image Source: Photo by Rahul Singh/ Pexels
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Rahul Singh

He started his post by saying, “Last week I shared a flight with a crying infant who, despite his mother’s best efforts, wasn’t easily calmed in the minutes just before and after takeoff.” He went on to mention that the mother was traveling solo with her child and wasn’t able to calm the child down. He further wrote about how few passengers were frustrated due to the scenario. He also mentioned that one of the passengers loudly commented, “Can’t someone stick something in that kid’s mouth?” The baby’s mother felt embarrassed but was eventually able to quieten her child. However, Wuori couldn't help but wonder how harsh the reactions were to a very normal situation.


He further posted a video from Shop Barber Classic’s Instagram which he highlighted, “a markedly more empathetic community approach,” to deal with the emotions that children go through. Giving a gist of the video he said, “Alarmed by his first visit to the barber shop, this little guy begins to melt down. Watch what the other patrons do to distract him from his anxiety and enable the barber to finish his work. Just beautiful. Remember that we’re all in this together.” The video was indeed a gentle and heart-touching visual. It shows all the staff and a few customers cheerfully singing and dancing to a popular Italian melody, ‘I Due Liocorni’ while the child is getting his first haircut. The barber shop is known for its haircuts as well as its excellent staff and management which is quite evident in the video.

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Many users commented on the post calling out the nasty reaction that was quite impulsive. Many also had quite a nostalgic moment figuring out the song and remembering their own instances. @iron_eliza commented, “Having been that mom when I had to get home with my baby & didn’t know she would have an ear infection that didn’t show up until the cabin pressure exacerbated it, this story plus accompanying video was cathartic to read.”




There are several situations such as these that we come across daily. While it can be frustrating, it is important to focus on a key factor, ‘empathy,’ as Wuori suggested in his tweet. Society should be patient with the parents who are dealing with the huge responsibility of raising a child and kids should be given more space to deal with their emotions and intense feelings.

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