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Employers testing the patience of jobseekers in interviews has left everyone thinking

Candidates are not happy about interviewers making a mockery of the process and playing unreasonable games.

Employers testing the patience of jobseekers in interviews has left everyone thinking
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Ali Ramazan Çiftçi, X | @jerrydoubles

In today’s era, employees must possess professional and humane skills. Encouraging a healthy and balanced workplace begins with hiring employees who can function accordingly. Therefore, interview processes require several subtle and indirect tests to judge a candidate’s nature and approach. An entrepreneur named Jerry Doubles—who goes by @jerrydoubles on X—shared a post recalling an incident for a few candidates. He mentioned during the interview process, candidates were asked to wait for their turn. “An employer invited six people for an interview by 7 am. They were all dressed and sharp before time. He told them to wait,” the post read.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Fauxels
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Fauxels

Doubles added that the candidates were waiting from when they were called up to 3 pm and even later. “By 3 pm, 3 had left. By 6 pm, he came and met only 2. They got the job,” Doubles wrote. He added that the employer was conducting a “test of patience." In several threads, Jerry shared other instances by people where they too were tested for similar traits over professional skills. In one of the threads, he shared an example. It mentioned that the candidate was called for an interview at 9 am. The person arrived on time and waited with the others.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Amien
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Amien

“The secretary told us to exercise patience and that the manager will arrive in 30 minutes,” they explained. The 30 minutes turned into several hours of waiting and one by one, several candidates got agitated and left. It was well past 4 pm when the candidate was the only one left. “I decided to wait and see the end and even slept off at the reception too. At 4.30 pm, the manager came out of his office door. It was clear that he had been watching from the inside the whole time,” they added. The manager then offered the job to the candidate waiting.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Sora Shimaazaki
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Sora Shimaazaki

“He said that he had to do that because being a customer service representative requires a lot of patience,” the post read. Though people may agree that patience is a well-required factor, others are against the idea. Many argued it was not professional to keep candidates waiting for so long without being clear. @_Rixchy_ wrote, “How can you hire out of patience rather than core competencies?” @JemimAransiola added, “Stop wasting people’s time in the name of an interview. It is not professional.”



@BenHundeyin said, “I went to a teaching job interview and the interviewer asked me to spell ‘tintinnabulation.’ I bluntly refused to spell anything and walked out of the place, proud of myself. You shouldn’t ridicule job seekers.” @DakotaGriggs17 highlighted, “So I can show up to work 11 hours late and not do my job? They test my patients. I test theirs. Plus, my time is valuable and I don’t like it wasted.” @kojo_prempeh said, “To wait 8 hours just for an interview? I’ll only do that if it’s Google or Apple.” @BLE_SSING exclaimed, “You wasted someone’s time because of a job that won’t even pay a salary of 1 million?” 


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