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Employer gifts 100 employees a month's worth of grocies without limitations: 'Beautiful Christmas idea'

Toonders said that he had never seen a 'hundred colleagues so quiet together.'

Employer gifts 100 employees a month's worth of grocies without limitations: 'Beautiful Christmas idea'
Cover Image Source: Woman checking grocery shopping list on her phone - Getty Images | Luis Alvarez

Employers doing something special for their employees is not usual. But when they do, it shows that they really care for them and promotes a positive work environment. One such company is Yonego which went the extra mile to surprise its employees with a folder, a shopping bag, and a gold envelope.  Yonego's owner, Joris Toonders, then asked all its employees to put all their supermarket receipts through the month of December into the envelope. An employee said, "No one knew and it took a while before the penny dropped. There was dead silence for a few seconds. Then people started clapping. I think I've said thank you a thousand times,” as reported by SunnySkyz.

Toonders said that he had never seen a “hundred colleagues so quiet together.” The company did not put any limitations on the groceries as they trust them. Toonders said, "I don't know what people normally do for groceries and whether they're going to buy something extra, but I trust my colleagues." 

He added, "You have to trust your colleagues and they have to feel that way too."
An Employee told Netherlands Posts, “Champagne and caviar could be done, but we are expected to handle them properly, so we do that.” “That’s how we always treat each other here. That is why something like this can also be given.” Another employee said that she wanted to “throw everything in her basket but not too much.” “So I walked a bit like a headless chicken through the Albert Heijn.” “I only bought a steak and a somewhat more expensive wine. I wouldn’t buy that otherwise.” Reportedly, there were many from other companies who loved the initiative. A woman said, “What a beautiful Christmas idea!" “Especially in this day and age, I love it.”



Toonders is not in a hurry to think of next year’s idea. He said, “Once this idea came into my head, I couldn’t wait to tell everyone. We will see what we do next year.” In another heartwarming story, a Miami Chick-fil-A operator proposed a three-day workweek for its employees. "I want to lead with generosity," Lindsey told TODAY. "And generosity for me is two things: It's pay and it's time."

"Honestly, I can do better," he recalled. In February, he created two "pods" of employees that would work 13- to 14-hour shifts three days a week. About 24 out of 140 employees had agreed to this new schedule. He said, "The reality is this schedule doesn't work for everyone. Not everyone wants to work longer days.” "But for the ones that it does, it's cool to see the positive impact it's had on their lives."


Lindsey still thinks it is a successful program. According to her, it provides employees with a clear timetable and organizes their personal life in advance. Moreover, each month, someone receives a seven-day break. "We've taken the guesswork out of the schedule," said Lindsey. "Team members can now plan their lives in advance. They can plan childcare, school, vacations, etc."

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