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Employee quits their job with epic resignation letter and it's a mood

An employee resigned from their job in a hilarious fashion, summing up their thoughts on the job and the company.

Employee quits their job with epic resignation letter and it's a mood
Cover Image Source: Reddit/Spacemage

Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 18, 2023. It has since been updated.

Quitting a job can be a difficult decision to make and sometimes it can be even harder to go through with the process. In today's crashing economy, some employers are laying off more workers than ever while others are demanding more work for less pay. In these uncertain times, quitting might be the last thing on anyone's mind, but that's not the case for the person who wrote a hilarious yet brilliant resignation letter. In the letter shared by u/Spacemage (which has been removed), it seems like the person has modified a resignation letter template with the least effort. It accurately shows that the employee was extremely tired of their job and is quite happy to leave that particular workplace.

Image Source: Getty Images/Nora Carol Photography
Image Source: Getty Images/Nora Carol Photography


The letter dated February 3, 2023, reads, "I regret to inform you I will be departing from my role as (Job Title) at (Company's Name) in two weeks." It further adds, "While I've generally tolerated my tenure at (Company Name) for 10 years. I will be leaving in order to pursue happiness. Working with a few talented colleagues has been an honor." The letter concludes with the line, "I will never forget the many things that happened there. Goodbye." In the letter, all the formal and friendly language has been cut out to give the letter a straightforward tone, which is absolutely necessary and accurate.

A lot of Reddit users agree with it, as this letter has been circulating on social media and giving inspiration to several people wanting to quit their toxic workplaces. One Reddit user, u/Griffindance, even shared their own experience by writing, "I quit a job and handed in two letters. One, for upper management and another for the people who answered directly. The first was similar to the posted letter without the pen notes. The other just said 'This place is a mind f*ck. I don't want to die like this.'"

Leaving a toxic work environment can be a tough decision for many, but it's often the best choice for mental and physical well-being. Also, unhealthy work environments can have a negative impact on your productivity, your relationships with colleagues and your overall job satisfaction. Signs of a toxic workplace can include high levels of stress, constant negativity, lack of support or recognition and unfair treatment.



In another similar incident, one of the Jimmy John's shops in Florida put up a notice saying they are "temporarily closed due to labor shortage." There is another poster beside it that claims that "there is no labor shortage." The former poster reads, "The location is temporarily closed due to labor shortage. We are in the process of restaffing to return to normal operations and would like to apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience." The note posted by former employees' read, "The owners of this restaurant treated their employees like dogs, never once helped us out - they don't even live in Florida. All employees (including management) were students and did a great job keeping the store running with no help from the owners. The past few months of crappy business have been the result of lazy, careless ownership."

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