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Employee who was unethically fired from job makes company pay back a hefty amount

The employee was fired last minute over a video call. When the company added to their frustration over a laptop, they found a way to make the company pay.

Employee who was unethically fired from job makes company pay back a hefty amount
Representative Cover Image Source: (L)Pexels/Anna Shvets (R) Reddit/u/tulthrowmeaway

Respect is the right of an employee, no matter their position. Workers are entitled to dignity even when they are being laid off, let alone when they were employees. u/tulthrowmeaway was not only fired rashly but also troubled by mindless policies. However, the former employee did not stand down. They posted on Reddit how they hilariously made their company compensate with a hefty sum for their ridiculous behavior. Explaining in their post, the employee said that they were laid off from their job over a video call on a last-minute basis. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels/Anna Shvets
Representative Image Source: Pexels/Anna Shvets

They didn’t receive the basic treatment entitled to them, no notice period, no time to say good-bye or make plans, nothing. While that was demeaning enough, their employer demanded that they return the laptop they had been using ASAP. “No time to retrieve any personal files from my laptop, shitty severance. But then the kicker was telling me that I need to ship their laptop back ASAP,” they said. Elaborating further, they mentioned, “I’ve had other companies send prepaid laptop boxes to return equipment or just say to keep it. This company expected me to waste my time packing up the computer and then find a place to ship it back. Seems like a lot to ask of someone you just got rid of like a piece of trash.”

Representative Image Source: Pexels/ANTONI SHKRABA production
Representative Image Source: Pexels/ANTONI SHKRABA production

The post further mentioned that the company made the employee's days hectic trying to figure out how they would send back the laptop. “They gave me their shipping account code and told me I could just charge it on their account. I eventually get around to going across town only to be told the code doesn’t work and I have to pay out of pocket. At this point I’m very annoyed with this process,” the post continued to read. As any person would think, the former employee believed that the company needed a reality check for their horrendous treatment and carelessness towards them.

The post mentioned that the company would reimburse what the employee was to pay out of their pocket. That’s where payback time kicked in. The Reddit user came up with a hilarious comeback that was sure to cost them. “I found the most expensive option I could find and added some bathroom tiles into the box to make it extra heavy and had it shipped. I also shipped my mouse and power supply separately in the same expensive fashion with extra weight. Total cost $840. The cost of the laptop was probably about $500,” the post read.

Representative Image Source: RNDE Stock Project
Representative Image Source: Pexels/RNDE Stock Project

The employee surely gave the company a chucklesome sum to pay back. While it may not undo the disrespect faced, it will surely highlight the need to be more thoughtful on the company’s end. Receiving over 5k upvotes, the post became quite a buzz for users who are learning to stand up for themselves, especially in demeaning workplaces. u/I_ _ Know_ _ Stuff said “Those responsible for the sacking have been sacked.” u/SinibusUSG said, “You want your s**t? I'll leave it outside my door on a predetermined date. They can figure out the rest.” While replying to a comment on their post, the former employee mentioned that the company took a few weeks to reimburse the expenses.  

Image Source: Reddit/u/originalkevan
Image Source: Reddit/u/originalkevan


Image Source: Reddit/u/MeetPopsicle1969
Image Source: Reddit/u/MeatPopsicle1969


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