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Employee who received a 1% annual raise shocks boss by getting a new job with 32% more pay

He was extremely disappointed upon being given a disrespectful raise even after his spectacular performance in the role.

Employee who received a 1% annual raise shocks boss by getting a new job with 32% more pay
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Mikhail Nilov; (R) Reddit | u/PGoonn

Companies often take their employees for granted. They do not give them necessary raises and treat them as replaceable entities. This often pushes employees to look for better options that make them realize their true worth. A man, u/PGoonn had such a story to share about landing a better position after being offered a measly increase in pay. The Reddit post titled, "Don't like the raise you got? Go somewhere else" has been increasingly going viral over the platform.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Polina Zimmerman
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Polina Zimmerman

The employee begins the post by saying that he used to work as a customer service representative for a major health insurance company for two years. He writes, "It was my first job out of college so I was just trying to get my feet wet and ultimately move on to something else within the company." The individual successfully worked at the company for the first year, which is when things began to go downhill. Many parts of the company stopped hiring for newer roles and the ones that were available were quickly "snatched up" because of the intense competition.

He tried to apply for different positions but couldn't make it to the interview stage for any of them. However, he was okay with the way things turned out, saying, "It’s alright because I’m thankful for my current role providing me job security even though the pay is abysmal." Time goes by and the time for the company's annual review comes. Even though he had "mentally checked out" of the job, he was excited to find out how big this raise was going to be because he had maintained good performance.

He attended hus review meeting and found out that he got a 4 out of 5, which was a very good score. He wrote, "I am super pumped that I got a 4 and am expecting a big raise and finally towards the end of my review we discuss the raise." However, he was in for a shock when their manager told them that their score allowed them to have a measly 1% raise. The individual mentions that they did not want to specify how much of an increase that was, but that it barely made a difference in their paycheck.

Seeing how he was being treated, the employee went into "overdrive" applying for jobs at the same company and their sister company. He soon landed a new position that was much better. He writes, "The new position came with a 32% increase in salary and I couldn’t have been happier." He told his boss about the new position and they were shocked to hear about it.

His decision to move to another position also proved to be problematic as he was tasked with a lot of important responsibilities. Many of their coworkers would go to him to clear his doubts and he was also tasked with special projects. He writes, "In conclusion, know your worth and don't settle for less." People on the platform absolutely loved the story and put down their thoughts in the comments section.

Image Source: Reddit/u/deadlevel213
Image Source: Reddit/u/deadlevel213

u/bigdog420dbd said in the comment section, "I recently quit a job that treated me like s*** and got a new job within a week at 50% higher pay. I'm so glad I figured out I was worth more." u/pooker55 shared, "Reminds me of when my manager at my last job changed my shift to four to midnight, five nights a week. I asked when I would get to see my wife, he said never unless I went somewhere else. Two weeks later, I was putting in my two weeks and he was shocked."

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