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Employee was bugged by impolite co-worker for taking a day off so he put him in his place

A mechanic was excited to attend a concert and took a leave well in advance. Yet, he faced backlash from not his boss, but his co-workers.

Employee was bugged by impolite co-worker for taking a day off so he put him in his place
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels|cottonbro studio, (R) Reddit| u/DexFag420

Workplace dynamics can sometimes resemble a complex symphony. Employees juggle their responsibilities, trying to maintain harmony while facing the challenges of life outside the office. Yet, amidst the daily grind, occasionally, discordant notes disrupt the melody. Toxic work cultures and misunderstandings can strain relationships and take a toll on the mental well-being of a worker. Recently, u/DexFag420, highlighted the importance of effective communication and empathy in the workplace.

Representative Image Source: Pexels/Kevin Bidwell
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kevin Bidwell


The Reddit user is an ardent fan of the legendary band Pantera and Lamb of God, eagerly anticipating their concert for months. They shared the story of how their concert experience and memories were marred by their coworkers. As an employee who usually enjoys Tuesdays off, they seized the opportunity to attend the concert on August 29. At the time, it seemed reasonable not to request time off explicitly. Excitement built, conversations about the upcoming event ensued, and anticipation mounted.

However, life often throws curveballs. In this case, a change in their work schedule led to the loss of their cherished Tuesday off. Faced with the reality that their long-awaited concert now clashed with their workday, they proactively approached their boss two weeks in advance, explaining the situation and requesting the day off. The boss, understanding the importance of the event to them, granted the request.

Image Source: Reddit/
Image Source: Reddit/u/old_woman83


Then, the day of the concert arrived and they were filled with exhilaration as he headed out with their fiancé and close friends to witness their favorite bands perform. It was an unforgettable evening. Little did they know that upon their return to work the next day, a different tune awaited. Instead of receiving acknowledgment for their proactive approach in requesting time off, the employee found themselves accused of a "No-Call-No-Show" by a colleague. Not the boss, but the colleague had a problem. Apparently, the boss's scheduling mishap placed the employee on the roster on a day they were granted leave. Since they had officially requested a leave and it was approved, they never asked anyone to cover his shift.

Representative Image Source: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio


They defended their position, maintaining that it wasn't their responsibility to correct someone else's mistake. Amidst the frustration and misunderstanding, the situation took an unfortunate turn when a co-worker said they wanted to hit the employee. In the face of such hostility, u/DexFag420 stood their ground and advocated for their rights as an employee who had acted responsibly by seeking prior approval for time off. In the aftermath of the incident, their boss initially overlooked their stance until their family members intervened. Subsequently, their boss also acknowledged the oversight. However, the company went on to reduce everyone's hours' pay as a consequence.

Image Source: Reddit/
Image Source: Reddit/u/DeadLettersSociety


The Reddit user concluded their post by saying, "I don't really have anywhere else to work. If I did, I'd have been gone months ago. It's a small town with very little work, and I can't afford to move somewhere with better jobs." Their story highlighted that such incidences in the workplace are very prevalent. In fact, this is a great example of a toxic workplace. The only way to ensure something like this doesn't happen is via effective communication and transparency between employees and management.

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