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Employee was being mistreated at her workplace. So, she took up a job with their competitor

The employee decided to join a rival company after becoming the victim of the Vice President's vindictiveness because of a personal grudge.

Employee was being mistreated at her workplace. So, she took up a job with their competitor
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Anna Shvets; Reddit| u/xoxogossipcats

Unfortunately, personal grievances and egos are part and parcel of many setups in the corporate industry. But, when it begins to impact people's scope in the workplace, it becomes one bridge too far to cross. Therefore, when u/xoxogossipcats felt the attack of a senior official's grudges and with no help in sight, she decided to join hands with the company's competitors. Karma came right back for the senior official when the project she unceremoniously snatched from her junior went up in flames due to incorrect supervision. The employee is now happily enjoying the show at another firm with her "20% raise and bonus."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The employee was working in the company for 2 years as a Junior Project Manager. The "personal grudge" took root when the employee had to hop on a project whose manager was leaving without seeing it to fruition. She wrote, "I was helping them format and compile their final reports the week before Christmas and put a lot of OT in. At the same time, the reports were being reviewed for their content by senior engineers." The senior engineer found many faults with the project. The employee was not looking at the details and was just formatting the data that was already produced by the project. It wasn't her work that was getting negatively reviewed. Still, the blame was put on her by the VP.

"The VP sends me an email and rips me a new one. She blames me for allowing the reports to go to the reviewer with so many mistakes," the employee shared. The woman defended herself and said that all she did was format the report. The content was done by the departing PM and the director "who had been leading the projects for months." They were the ones who were at fault and "neglected to check the reports before they went to the senior engineer for content reviews." The VP was angry but feigned understanding. She just wanted to blame this mishap on someone else and since the woman did not have any of it, it became an issue

The VP's anger soon began impacting the woman's work. She added, "Come January, a new project starts, let's call it project X, that had been promised to me for a few months." The woman was looking forward to managing the project as it would help her meet the required utilization target and increase her chances for promotion and raise. She was delivered the sad news that the said project would be handled by someone else. The project was crucial for the company because it "was a very important new client and they needed to make sure the project went perfectly and under budget to get their foot in the door. If they succeeded on this project, it would line them up for years of future work with them."

The woman was given the bogus excuse that they could not "afford" her on the project and instead, they gave it to "a guy (M40) from another department with no PM experience or certifications and said he would use this project to trial being a PM." The whole thing seemed fishy to the woman as a new guy was getting tasked with such a huge project instead of someone experienced like her. "I got off the call and was so upset by her shaming me in front of my colleagues and removing me from the project I was really looking forward to working on and had been promised for months," she conveys.

Still, as a model employee, she took it on the chin and even helped the new guy with managing software. "I start telling him about the software we use for project management and that includes records of meeting minutes. He has never used the software and I am the company's resident software expert, often giving presentations to clients on the software for other PM's projects," she explained. 

The employee understood the VP's intentions when the woman insulted her for this kind gesture in front of the entire staff. The PM elucidated, "She told me I need to learn my place and asked another junior PM (Male, 27) to help onboard the new PM instead of me." The woman immediately asked the boss and HR to help her with this situation, as it was affecting her work but to no avail. After being passed up for promotion because of VP's vindictiveness the woman decided to put her foot down and join the competitors. 

Her new company was also working on the same elusive project she was sacked from as a collaborator. The woman kept her distance as she did not want to work alongside her past workplace. But, couldn't for long. Her previous company failed on all fronts in the project, they were way behind their goals and the client requested her present firm to take on their responsibilities. She was assigned to it. "They lost the client relationship. My old idiot boss has to report to my new boss (Male, 34) to close out the project. The VP is flying to the client site to beg for forgiveness," the woman wrote. The employee is enjoying all of this while working on the project with her better position and increased pay.

Image Source: Reddit/u/TopTransportation695
Image Source: Reddit/u/TopTransportation695
Image Source: Reddit/u/styphon
Image Source: Reddit/u/styphon

The comments section was elated for her. u/NyriasNeo appreciated how the employee handled herself in the situation and wrote, "The moral of the story ... hard work, but as importantly, some smarts and knowing to jump ship when the old one is sinking, pays off. Both in money and in satisfaction. Good job and congrats!" u/throwaspenaway commended how the situation turned out in her favor and commented, "I love how the whole situation turned out in your favor and you didn't even need to burn any bridges or badmouth your old company to the client. Winners gonna win."

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