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Employee takes a stand and rejects promotion offer that would reduce his income or increase work hours

The man explained how he was offered a promotion that would require him to complete 10 more hours of work in a week on the same pay.

Employee takes a stand and rejects promotion offer that would reduce his income or increase work hours
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Photo by Antoni Shkraba production; (R) Reddit | u/politicalanalysis

Not all good news is worth celebrating. Some just shock us and show us the reality of this world. In a post written by u/politicalanalysis on Reddit, he shared how he was offered a promotion but required 10 more hours of work in a week and even a pay cut. He elaborated, "In my current position, I'm what the grocery industry calls a vendor. I transport, sell and merchandise products in grocery stores. Because it's a sales position, I'm commissioned, and because I'm commissioned, I am incredibly efficient at my job, so that I can make the maximum amount for the minimum amount of hours." He also revealed that he is very good at their job and produces one of the highest results. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by fauxels
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by fauxels


"The supervisor role is hourly. My average hourly income, if I calculate one based on my pay and the number of hours I work is 20% higher than the hourly rate for supervisor I was offered." The Reddit user is earning more in his lower-level job compared to what their supervisor offered them after getting a "promotion." He spoke to his senior authorities about the same, but they told the user they would have to accept this pay cut to get more promotions later. The user stood up for themself by saying that their hard work and promotion would not reflect in their salary if they accepted it. "Told him that's wrong, time is money, and that I'd be constantly asking myself what the hell I was doing, spending so much more time at work with nothing to show for it."

Representative Image Source: Reddit | u/politicalanalysis
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Fauxels


For an employee, a promotion must be a fair deal. He had expected better from the company he had been working with. Moreover, the Reddit user has even lost faith in many of their senior supervisors. Also, he said how he did not understand why anyone would accept it, "I'm just baffled. I don't know why anyone would be enticed by the offer. I don't know why my supervisor is even in the position at this point. It genuinely made me lose respect for just about everyone in the company because if they all did something as idiotic as take a pay cut in order to do more work and carry more responsibility, then what other stupid things are they doing? Needless to say, I turned the promotion down. Not about to be management and not even remotely tempted by a pay cut." People understood his point and showered the post with 10.6K upvotes and over 600 comments.

Image Source: Reddit | u/DrMobius0
Image Source: Reddit | u/DrMobius0


u/desert_jim wrote, "This whole exempt nonexempt concept is obscene. If people have to work more hours, pay them or give them comp time." u/kegman83 shared, "Overtime is a normal thing = Management cannot or refuses to hire enough staff to properly do the job." u/pennywitch revealed, "That's because paying existing employees a cumulative 40 hours of overtime each week is usually cheaper than adding an additional employee." u/LoathsomeFrog said, "Yeah, I literally never work overtime. I plainly refuse and if it gets to be a problem I find a new job. I'm in engineering so I'm fortunate to be able to do that, I know many aren't as well off."

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