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Employee stands up to 'toxic' boss who bullies them for taking a better job offer and resigning

Boss questions employee's resignation and better job offer but is stumped when the employee communicates their worth and stands up to the bullying.

Employee stands up to 'toxic' boss who bullies them for taking a better job offer and resigning
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Sora Shimazaki, (R) Reddit| u/United_Historian787

Corporate employees are well aware of the customary practice of providing a notice period before they leave a job. Doing so ensures a smooth transition for both parties. But there are situations where bosses refuse to acknowledge or respect an employee's notice period. u/United_Historian787 had such a story to share about their boss who refused to believe them when they provided their notice period. But the employee stood up to the "toxic" boss and reminded him of their worth as an employee. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The individual mentioned that they gave their boss the notice period a few months back. He happened to be working from home that day. They mentioned that they would rather have done it in person but wanted to let him know as soon as possible. They wrote, "The next day, he wouldn't even look at me." Later that day, the boss came into their office and inquired about their new job.

They did not care anymore and shared details of their new position with him. He continued not to believe them and demanded that the individual show him the offer letter they got. The employee wrote, "Again, not caring, I showed him the letter and watched the smug expression leave his face." The manager was taken aback and promptly left their office.

The individual happened to be friends with the supervisor. The supervisor informed them that their boss had told him they could not counter the job offer. The supervisor stated that if the individual got a better offer, he too would want it. They say, "My boss then goes on to say that even if they were to counter, it would be short-lived as they would find someone to replace me immediately, then fire me."

Sometime later, they were having a conversation with their boss and asked him if he would counter the new job offer. He lied to them and said that it was their plant manager who didn't believe the offer was true and wanted him to inquire about it. They continued their last few days at the company, facing many comments that were passive-aggressive and others that were "not so passive." It even went to the extent where the boss told them that they would be "overworked and underpaid" at the new job.

Their boss, at one point, mentioned that they could have made much more money with their current job but couldn't because they were bad at negotiating better pay. The individual asked him, "Would you have paid as much as this offer?" The boss said he couldn't do that. The individual then pointed out that the entire conversation about negotiation itself was pointless.

They write, "Now, a few months later, I've been working in my new field, making 25% more money, much less stress, and just an all-around better work environment." They conclude by advising others not to let their 'toxic' bosses bully them and wishing everybody luck in finding a better place to work. People on the platform had a few suggestions in the comments section.

Image Source: Reddit/u/brsox2445
Image Source: Reddit/u/brsox2445


Image Source: Reddit/u/RoyalFenthion
Image Source: Reddit/u/RoyalFenthion

u/RedRapunzal said, "So, I am going to suggest that no one ever admit to their boss where you are going. I had a boss contact a new workplace, which set things off in a negative way. Just save yourself from this drama." Another user shared, "I was told the same when I left my job. 'It's the same everywhere you go.' I laughed as I walked out."

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